A special logbook: the excitement of the sea is ageless

apediariodibordoA different logbook, the one that reached us in the editorial office, handwritten and accompanied by drawings. Accompanying these pages is a letter, revealing the passion for the sea that a dad is passing on to his children and which struck us so much.

“My name is Michele Maestrello, I have the sea inside and I have been a sailor since 2004. (…) I am a dreamer; and of course the first dream is to one day become a sailboat owner. I like all of them, from new ones to more historic ones, from lived-in to immaculate, from racing to charter. The fact that I don’t have a boat of my own is not something negative, however; I spend about 30 days on a boat every year and I do it with whatever comes along, from 25 feet to 45.” This year Michele, along with Sofia (age 13) and Jacopo (age 8), rented a Hunter 326 in Vodice to wander along the Croatian islands and coastline.

Michael, with their two children, Sofia and Jacopo
Michael, with their two children, Sofia and Jacopo


Amidst adventures and misadventures, the tale portrayed in the logbook written by Sofia and Jacopo is full of that excitement and amazement peculiar to kids (which then is all of us when we get a little bit childlike again on a boat…). “Sunday. Morning: ribbon water! We woke up in the morning with the boat taking on water everywhere and everything got wet!“. A bit of a wet start for the trio of sailors, and the next day at the start does not seem to promise anything good: “Bad weather clouds and threat of thunderstorms, the wind is constant but not worrisome so we decide to return to the safe bay also sheltered from the Bora wind.” The urge to turn into fishermen was inevitable: “We desperately tried to catch a fish at least but abandoned the enterprise and devoted ourselves to bathing!“. The weather then continued to be capricious, however, providing exciting moments “After lunch we headed toward the harbor sailing with very high waves that we caught upwind and then began a beautiful sail at almost six knots.” A cruise lived intensely, as the logbook closes with a sentence, which is also a wish for good wind: “End… or begin!”



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