A crew of 190,000 sailors. It’s you…surfing the web!

We used to meet only once a month at the newsstand. Today, the relationship between our editorial staff and you readers has changed to a daily exchange of news, comments, ideas. This is, of course, thanks to the web, where our giornaledellavela.com site has reached staggering numbers, certified by its first position among Italian nautical sites by Alexa, one of the world’s leading Internet ranking companies. In May alone, thanks to you, we surpassed the record number of 150,000* unique users who visited over 400,000 pages on our site.

Screenshot 2014-07-01 at 11:52:41 a.m.

A success to share with you, who in thousands participate daily in the exchange of information on our social networks. The game is simple: we bring you news from the world of your passion, and you comment on it, share it, and always offer us new insights for discussion. On Facebook (between the official page, profile and group) there are over 25,000 of you who interact with our posts every day. Between Twitter and Instagram, another 3,400 friends relaunched and posted “chirps” and pictures.

Speaking of Instagram, get ready, the most anticipated photo contest of the summer is coming back, starting Aug. 1. Finally, the most beautiful sea and sailing videos can be found on our YouTube channel: an average of 15,000 monthly views confirms that this is the right way. In total we are a crew of about 190,000 people who sail (never was a more apt verb, speaking of the Web) together each month following our passion, the sea.



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