50 unmissable Mediterranean summer regattas: to each his own

REGATTAScenario: it is summer, you are in the middle of the sea with your family or friends, in “cruise mode.” At one point you notice a sailboat just ahead of you, sailing in the same direction as you. It is at that precise moment that the mysterious and unconscious metamorphosis of the sailor begins: the other crew members swooning in the cockpit with beer can in hand, or sunbathing on the bow heedless of their surroundings, begin to bother you. First gently, then vehemently urge them to get into battle formation: some to adjust the mainsail, some to be tailers, some to be simple ballast. First they look at you strangely, then they also catch sight of the aforementioned boat, and they understand on the fly. The competition was sparked. Raise your hand if you are a boater who has never had this happen to you. Even on vacation, a little adrenaline makes sailing more enjoyable. Then. why not sign up directly for a few summer or early fall regattas around the boot? Rally, “long”, coastal and between buoys, there is something for everyone.
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In this “service” we have collected fifty (and analyzed twenty in detail) from mid-June through late October, varying in length, type, and target audience, and divided them into four major categories. Regattas in magical places, worth participating in because of the beauty of the sailing area or destination, which can constitute the vacation itself; those for fun, whose strength lies in the originality of the formula (such as combined sailing and cooking, nights and competitions reserved for “his and her” couples); the not-to-be-missed ones, which in addition to being competitions constitute real sailing festivals, beautiful even if only to watch; and those for those who love to race, focused on the competitive side. To each his own, as Sciascia wrote. Look for the regatta that’s right for you among the ones we offer, we also explain how to find your “twin” boats to give rise to America’s Cup-worthy match-races and what motivates owners to participate in a “long.” We have chosen four broad categories within which we have pigeonholed 50 regattas around the Mediterranean (and also on our lakes): of these we have highlighted 20 (the remainder are included in the table on page 68). Alongside great “classic” regattas, you will discover some novelties and many “goodies” unknown to most that, if you are in the neighborhood with your boat, you will want to discover for yourself.
Find the 50 not-to-be-missed summer regattas in the June issue of the Sailing Journal.



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