2014 Poster Calendar, 50% off for only 4.90 euros

Great offer to finish well this year and start better next year. GDV’s 2014 Poster Calendar with the year’s most beautiful photos at half the price, 4.90 instead of 10.90. Valid until Jan. 10, hurry availability is limited.

Click here: http://nauticplace.giornaledellavela.com/calendario_poster_2014?product_id=6234


The Poster Calendar is back. Subscribe now!
If you subscribe now to the Sailing Newspaper, get the mythical 2014 CalendarPoster for free, starting from only 49 euros.

Once again this year our publishing house is offering you the chance to subscribe to the Journal of Sailing in the winter period with a proposal designed to mitigate the cold days ahead. The Classic offer, with a one-year subscription plus 2014 Poster Calendar is in fact valid until December 31. To entice you as much as possible to come on board with us (we hope very much to have new and young sailors) and despite the crisis, we have maintained the price of past years. “Classic” subscription for 49 euros instead of 85 with a 43% savings plus a small fee. We have also revamped the multimedia offerings, Digital 12 offers the print and iPad subscription for only 59.99 euros with Calendar included, while the 12-issue iPad subscription is only 39.99. Again, prices remained unchanged. We dedicate these last lines to a new promotion, “I LOVE?YOU”: five-year subscription for only 199 euros, save more than 200 and never stop going to sea. Don’t miss these great opportunities to experience another great year of adventure by sea together. Good wind!


Dedicated to Shackleton
2014 is the anniversary of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s Endurance expedition, an incredible story of courage and seamanship. Retrace that crazy journey with us.

12 poster

Spectacular photos without any writing, which are real large format posters. To be preserved forever.


The images are the most exciting that an enthusiast can dream of, to long for the sea and the sailboat at every moment.

The calendar
One page for each month with a daily calendar including holidays, saints and moons, in Italian and English on which you can also make notes.



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