10 Accessories That Changed Our Lives

autopilot1. SELF-PILOT.
And you will never be alone. A revolution in comfort that occurred in the 1990s: everyone can sail in peace even with an extremely small crew.



. Galeotta was the OSTAR. He first appeared in 1980 at OSTAR, mounted on the trimaran of the elder Phil Weld, which he won. It has since spread to all kinds of boats.



mg_6321_ed (1)3. SELF-TAILING WINCHES.
Fewer people in the cockpit. The real winch revolution has been self-tailing: caulking the sails becomes possible even for one man.



955c4. GPS
And you know where you are. First the charts, then the Loran-C (with its triangulation system). Now with GPSs (pictured is a 1990s model) calculating course and position is a breeze.



Ais_dcu_bridge5. AIS. Navigating is safer. In order to be seen at sea with Radar, spotlights were needed. Now AIS allows you to see and make yourself visible to any boat equipped with the same system.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA6. FIBER ORIENTED SAILS. 100% efficiency. How could a glider be made to yield 100 percent? Abandoning ferzi in favor of fiber oriented to maintain loads and shape.



inavx_ipad_angled_navionics_hr7. TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES.
Revolution in action. Thanks to navigation apps and those that turn them into remote instrument controls, more and more are being seen on board.




. The easy mooring for everyone. In maneuvering, the buoyancy was everything: but thanks to the bow thruster, the boat rotates on its axis and needs little space. All experienced moorers!



. Issi and solo mainsail. Full-batten mainsail and lazy-jack. On a cruise, hoisting and lowering the sail has become so easy that you can do it yourself!



bavaria cruiser 41 outside10. ASYMMETRICS. Goodbye tangon (and more). One sheet, fixed tack point, no tangon. Gennakers and asymmetrics could not help but spread to the cruising world!



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