Harden a rope, two solutions for doing it right

harden a line how to

Memento for your boating summer. An abandoned resting line on the deck is not only unsightly and dangerous because you might trip over it. It’s also a big problem when you have to reuse it, perhaps in a hurry as is often the case on a boat.

How to adduct a rope

The possibility that the rope is full of spontaneous knots, making it impossible to use until you have untangled it by losing a lot of time, is very high. That’s why sailors always preach to adduct (store in skein) any line, so that they always have it ready for use, securing it with simple and practical tie-downs.

Here are two solutions for hardening a top.

Adducting a rope: hank to gerlo with binding

adducting a line 1

  1. Wrap (adduct) the line with regular turns by sliding it into the palm of your hand, eliminating any kinks that would make it tangle when unwinding it.
  2. When the skein-wound line is almost finished, use the last stretch to make a few turns around the body of the skein, directing them upward.
    adducting a top 3
  3. Pass a strand of the line through the top of the skein.
    adducting a line 4
  4. Spread the twisted pair and drop it back on top of the skein. Tighten it over the series of top turns.
    adducting a top 5
  5. Pull the end of the line tightly, being careful that the tie is well placed, without overlapping. The free end of the line serves, in case, to hang it.

Adducting a rope: hank to gerlo with self-locking binding

rope 1

  1. Adduct the line in even turns, sliding it into the palm of your hand, eliminating any kinks that would make it tangle when unwinding it.
    adducting a line 2
  2. When you have finished adducting the top, forming the skein, create a loop with the remaining end.
    rope 3
  3. Use what remains free of the top to stop the loop with a series of turns around the skein.
    rope 4
  4. Pass the end of the line through the loop you created.
    adducting a rope
  5. Tighten the resulting binding securely. Now you can store or hang the skein.

The council. In both of our proposed solutions, while winding the hank line slide it into the palm of your hand so as to eliminate any abnormal twisting.


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