Super umbrellas for super yachts: discover the Italian patent


Avoiding the effects of the wind may seem like nonsense when it comes to sailboats, but that is the goal of the Italian company Yachtingline ‘s patent. The umbrellas produced by this company are patented to resist the influence of wind, even while sailing. They are perfect for installation on land but also on large boats.


Multivalve System: the Yachtingline patent

Years of research and investment, spent in roofing fabrics and structure engineering, resulted in the system that Yachtingline later patented, and which today represents one of the most innovative solutions in this segment. Umbrellas have been the same objects since the dawn of time: a vertical structure supporting another circular or other shaped structure that is covered by fabric. As is often the case, at some point a light bulb lights up in someone to revolutionize even such a seemingly mundane object. Designed especially for large boats and fast boats , the canopy
Multivalve System
can be found in different declinations in the Yachting Line of umbrellas.

The top that resists air: here’s how it works

Why is this parasol so revolutionary? Through the canopy, the wind blows without encountering any resistance opposed to its buoyancy, so the umbrella does not move and is not in danger of detaching from the structure. But besides stability, a great advantage then concerns ventilation. Indeed,warm air usually forms under the umbrellas, warmed by the sun beating down on the canopy. With this umbrella, air is free to escape and ventilation underneath is guaranteed. If it all seems too complicated, look at the diagram below.


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