Where to keep the boat: three solutions from Milan Yachting Week

Marina Punta Gabbiani

Looking for a port or marina where you can leave your boat is an important moment, a choice that deserves attention. Here we recommend three different solutions, each with its own peculiarities, directly from Milan Yachting Week, the digital boat show where you find the boating world at 360°.

, with about 6,000 berths, is the first network of ports in the Mediterranean. The network was established in 2012 and currently has 14 ports operating in Italy, spread across the North, South and, of course, the Islands. But it plans to expand further in the coming years, including outside Italy. The goal of
Marinedi Group
is to offer its clients a common standard of quality in all the facilities it manages, somewhat like large international hotel chains do. The convenience of this service allows one to cruise around Italy using the network’s ports. You can also choose to stay up to 6 nights per year at no extra cost in the Group’s ports.

Nestled in the oasis of the Marano lagoon, almost at the eastern end of the peninsula, we find the
Marina Punta Gabbiani
. Here your boat is safe, not only when it is in the lagoon waters, but also when it is pulled into the dry marina. The service, active in the
Marina Punta Gabbiani
, allows boat owners to keep boats from 7 to 18 meters moored ashore. Boats are arranged as if they were at sea thanks to a raised dock equipped with all facilities.

Marina Marina Sant’Andrea
stands on an area of more than 200,000 square meters in the North Adriatic. The shipyard is the flagship of this port, and has made it a true landmark for shipowners over the years. Thehigh level of workmanship is also recognized by the partnerships that the
St. Andrew’s Marina
has built with leading shipyards. Also from the motor world.



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