TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year, voting in 7 days! What’s new in the 2022 edition

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Voting for the TAG Heuer 2022 Sailor of the Year opens on February 25. Again this year, you will decide who will be the best. Here’s all the news

When we look back on the history of Italian sports some time from now, 2021 will be remembered as one of the most successful years ever, one in which “little” Italy reached heights we have not seen in a long time. And sailing was no different. At the celebration of the medals and victories have also been entered by our sailors, with an Olympic gold medal and prestigious successes in all classes, from the youngest to the offshore and professional worlds. For this reason and more, the TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year, this year now in its 31st edition(it has been awarded by the Journal of Sailing since 1991) has a very special flavor. We referred to it as the “back to basics” in the newsroom.

The first reason is one that we have been waiting for a long time, because we will finally return to awarding this live prize, the May 12, in a not-to-be-missed evening in Milan, hosted by sports journalist and passionate sailor Mino Taveri, at the Signature Kitchen showroom Suite in the heart of Milan on Via Manzoni. But don’t worry, we will also stream the evening! And the return to the roots also lies in the format del TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year 2022, with the candidates divided into the “categories” of yesteryear, albeit actualized and updated to keep up with modern sailing, but still keeping as crucial the public vote that has always been our trademark.

The Categories

In our editorial staff’s selection of the magnificent 100, which we will unveil on February 24, as always we wanted to embrace the entire sailing world. The TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year, Owner, Young, Yacht Club, and Designer categories are the ones into which the 100 nominees will be divided, and we will present them to you in detail in the next news along with the voting rules, as soon as the time to unveil the magnificent 100 approaches. There will also be the Most Voted online award, and the Epic Sailor of the Year award, given by our editorial staff as a tribute to the career of a sailor or sailors who is fundamental to Italian sailing. To the winners in each category the coveted TAG Heuer Aquaracer chronograph.

The public vote

The public vote, on velistadellanno.giornaledellavela.com (you can vote February 25 through March 15), is binding because it selects the top 3 in each category who will participate in the May 12 final, where it will be the GdV’s quality jury that will decide the winners of the TAG Heuer Sailor of the Year 2022. As always, our award has an important web dimension, which will go even beyond the decisive public vote. We want to bring the stories of the sailors to all the fans who will not be able to be physically present at the finals in Milan. And to do that we are planning something special. Once the 3 finalists have been decided, before the evening of champions on May 12, we will present them to you on our social media and websites www.giornaledellavela.com e www.milanoyachtingweek.com with dedicated interviews to tell and learn about them and their stories and achievements. The games will be hosted by Mino Taveri, with the editorial staff of the Sailing Newspaper and many guests, for a web “show,” in installments, leading up to the finals.


– From 25/02 to 15/03: THE CHARGE OF THE HUNDRED.

100 CANDIDATES selected by the Sailing Newspaper, divided into 5 categories (Sailor of the Year, Young, Owner, Designer and Yacht Club) to be voted online at sailor-of-the-year. giornaledellavela.com from 1 p.m. Feb. 25 to noon March 15, 2022. The public’s vote is binding. The top 3 vote-getters in each category advance to the finals.

– 05/05 to 11/05: KNOW THE FINALISTS.

Video interviews on social media and on our website with the past Sailor of the Year winners, the 3 finalists in each category of the 2022 edition, the Most Voted and announcement of the Epic Sailor of the Year award.

– Saturday, 12/05, 7 p.m.: THE EVENING OF CHAMPIONS.

The awards ceremony with the 15 finalists will take place at the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom on Via Manzoni in the heart of Milan. All the winners will be revealed here of the TAG Heuer 2022 Sailor of the Year and the winners of all the other awards. All awardees will be presented with a TAG Heuer Aquaracer chronograph.

TAG Heuer 2022 Sailor of the Year Partners.

NEVER STILL. AS TIME. TAG Heuer, lo historic Swiss watch brand of the LVMH Group, active in 139 countries, has been the naming partner of the Sailor of the Year since 2013. Its Aquaracer marine timepieces are the “summa” of 160 years of history, research and innovation.

BETTER SAILORS WITH SEABLY. Seably For Leisure is the online training platform for all sea lovers. Seably offers a world of courses for every shipowner. Download Seably’s app and enjoy the best content available for every boater.

“TOP” KITCHENS ARE SKS. Signature Kitchen Suite is the appliance brand from high-end built-in kitchen from LG Electronics, a world leader in consumer electronics. SKS Showroom in Milan hosts the Evening of Champions on May 12.



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