Cooldeck: we discovered all the advantages at the Genoa Boat Show

cooldeck refit style booth
Stand Refit Style Genoa Boat Show

Visiting the Refit Style booth at the Genoa International Boat Show, we had Mirko Gazzato explain to us how CoolDeck resin , to which the entire booth is dedicated this year, works. You can also find all of the company’s products at its digital booth at Milan Yachting Week, which you can visit by clicking here.

cooldeck refit style
Cooldeck Resin Blanket – Refit Style

CoolDeck is the name of the finished and processed product that Refit Style makes from Sika resin. The product arrives at the company in liquid form, in tin, after which, depending on the requests made by the owner, any type of shape and design can be created. The resin is processed by Refit Style, specifically after casting the resin is milled with a CNC machine that creates the pattern and follows the predetermined cut. The freedom of customization is practically endless; you can create different thicknesses, choose different colors, geometric shapes, logos or text, and create custom designs. This is a great advantage because it gives the owner full freedom over the process and allows him to best accommodate his wishes. But the advantages of CoolDeck over another synthetic teak do not end there:

  • Is a material with very high wear resistance
  • Has a temperature between 8 and 10 degrees lower when exposed in the sunshine
  • Does not absorb water, oil or grease
  • cleans up without the use of chemicals
  • Is much lighter than other products

To learn all the details about Refit Style ‘s resin you can visit the booth at Milan Yachting Week or in Genoa by visiting booth SL01 inside the Boat Show.



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