You can now purchase Slam’s new Foil Collection.

Foil Collection - Slam

Slam’s new Foil collection has arrived on the market. A selection of garments from the new collection, presented last May 31, is now available online at
and in the brand’s flaghsip stores. For the occasion, Slam’s website and physical stores have undergone a graphic makeover and now have a new sporty and innovative look, in keeping with the spirit of the Foil Collection.


New course & new logo

The evocative location of the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, particularly the room that houses the AC72 starring in the 34th America’s Cup with Luna Rossa, was the setting for the presentation event of the new collection. A new course for the Genoa-based company, which began in 2021 with the acquisition of the brand by the holding company VAM Investments and continued under the leadership of the
new managing director Enrico Chieffi
. Today we can see the first fruits of this work, which has led to the creation of new garments presented with the new Slam logo, which, as seen in the image above, echoes the lines of the brand that made the history of nautical clothing in Italy.

Dressing up athletes to make them Champions

The return to the past chosen by Slam for the logo is a counterpoint to the technological innovations in materials and lines of the 125 garments that make up the new collection’s sample collection. The 125 garments can be combined in more than 1,000 different manners, depending on the weather conditions and the sport being played, resulting in different looks that can be layered together. Slam’s focus has been on the Custom collection, the one designed to dress up the sailing professionals. In fact, the will of the new Slam has been from the beginning to support athletes, as evidenced by the partnership with FIV. Italian sailing athletes, some of whom were also present at the presentation, will have the opportunity to be “tailored” by Slam, developing together the best solutions depending on the discipline, including reinforcements and protections.

Foil at the heart of the 2022-2023 collection

From the Custom collection we move on to the Pro collection, which basically encompasses performance garments of the highest quality, with three different lines: one for inshore racing, one for cruising, and a more versatile one. Prominent within this collection is the cut of the garments, which recalls the shape of the foil, a common thread in the collection, as explained by Gianfranco Azzini, the designer who has headed Slam’s creative office for several years. Finally we come to the Outdoor collection, the largest one, which contains Slam garments perfect for use during different activities and different sports, or even just for a walk. These are garments designed for extremely cross-cultural use, winking at worlds such as cycling, tennis, golf or mountains. For example, within this collection we find a truly versatile jacket: it is very light, we can use it as an outer layer in warmer seasons and combine it with a top layer in colder seasons. It is perhaps the garment that most embodies the idea of layered clothing at the heart of the new Slam collection.



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