Rolex Swan Cup: yachting history of yesterday and today in Porto Cervo

September is the month of big regattas in Porto Cervo, and after the Maxi it’s time for the Rolex Swan Cup, the regatta event dedicated to the Finnish shipyard’s boats. On the water in Sardinia are 84 Swans racing, divided between the shipyard’s One Design classes (Club Swan 36, 42, 45 and 50) and the “cruise” models of all ages that animate the other categories.

Rolex Swan Cup 2022 – The Program

The yachts in the race were divided according to their characteristics into two main divisions, which in turn were divided into classes. For Division 1, the schedule includes five days of coastal racing among the islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago with a rest day scheduled for Friday, Sept. 16.

Division 1 includes 7 Maxi, 10 Mini Maxi, 9 Swan classics Sparkman & Stephens, 22 Swan Grand Prix that race in ORC-rated compensated time. Also racing in this division is the Swan 65 S&S sloop King’s Legend, which participated in the ’77/’78 Whitbread Round the World Race and finished second.

Division 2 brings together the One Design classes. There are 8 ClubSwan 36, 9 ClubSwan 42, 4 Swan 45 and 15 ClubSwan 50. For this division, the schedule includes five days of stick racing and one dedicated to the long coastal race along with Division 1, scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 15, with no rest day.

Rolex Swan Cup – The ClubSwan 80

The ClubSwan 80 MySong

One of the most eagerly awaited “swans” is Pigi Loro Piana’s ClubSwan 80 MySong, which in a way represents one of the shipyard’s ultimate “racing” expressions, since it is the last racing boat launched. The design is by the volcanic Juan J, and the boat features a hull with slightly inverted fore and aft starboards and an edge running along the hull, all coupled with a canting (and lifting) keel a full 4.75 meters. The appendages are complemented by a central rotating canard and a double rudder blade. After its Maxi debut, the Rolex Swan Cup will be a regatta where the house’s new design will be put to the test.

Rolex Swan Cup – The Evergreens

Concentration aboard the Swan 38 Mascalzone Latino

Racing in the Classic Sparkman&Stephens category are as many as 6 Swan 65s, but the real “goodies” are perhaps two others. The first is smaller boat in the Rolex Swan Cup, Alphaudery Eugenio’s Swan 36 Josian. The 36 itself has symbolic value for Swan, having been the first historic model launched in 1967. The second “treat” is Vincenzo Onorato’s Swan 38 Mascalzone Latino XXXIII. We mention them because in addition to being two historical models that have written an important page for the shipyard, after the first two days of racing they are in first (Mascalzone) and second place in the rankings.

Rolex Swan Cup – The most beautiful photos

Snagged under gennaker and spi for classic Swan fleet
Busy turnaround among ClubSwan50s.
Inter-island passage for maxi Swans



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