Albergo Nautico Diffuso, what it is and how it really works


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Diffused Nautical Hotel
The Albergo Nautico Diffuso allows you to sleep on a boat as you would in a hotel room. And not only

In Sardinia, theAlbergo Nautico Diffuso is a reality. From today you can experience your boat vacation as if you were in a hotel: here’s how it works.

Diffused Nautical Hotel

From today, you can sleep on a boat in Sardinia as if you were in a hotel room. With all the hotellerie services and an added advantage: with the boat you can sail – within three miles of the coast – wherever you like, discovering the coast and nature.

This is theAlbergo Nautico Diffuso, which adds to the merits of a boating vacation the security, assistance, and services of a land-based facility. A new form of green tourism that Sardinia was the first region to codify in a law enacted at the urging of Confindustria Centro Nord Sardegna, Sviluppo Performance e Strategie Srl and Group Y – Yachting in Sardinia.

Albergo Nautico Diffuso – The “pathfinder” law.

One of the promoters of the Albergo Nautico Diffuso law was Piero Maieli, regional councilor of Sardinia (Sardinian Action Party): “We have enthusiastically pursued the initiative, developing it in a clear way that leaves little room for scoundrels. The boats used for the Albergo Nautico Diffuso can be purchased by entrepreneurs with subsidized financing, but they cannot be used for other purposes. I hope that the initiative can also act as a driving force for the local port and shipbuilding industry.”.

Making new laws in Italy is never easy, but the Albergo Nautico Diffuso immediately got everyone on board, as evidenced by Giuseppe Meloni, PD Sardinia regional councilor: “I worked on the regulatory amendment recognizing the Albergo Nautico Diffuso back in the previous legislature, when we were in the majority. That work has not been lost. To the proposal brought forward by the current legislature, we made our contribution across party lines. By creating a specific regulation, our region is able to offer an additional service, expand the number of tourists, who, to date, go elsewhere and, above all, do so in full compliance with the rules.”.

Diffused Nautical Hotel – Nautical base and boat together to satisfy the tourist

With the Albergo Nautico Diffuso, tourists are offered the opportunity to use a rented boat as if it were a hotel room with all the ancillary services provided by a land-based nautical base. Such a facility behaves like a hotel: it acquires the reservation and handles the customer, registers personal information and shares it with the police headquarters, collects the tourist tax, and performs check in and check out operations. He then gets the boat ready and complete with all equipment, including linens.

Widespread Nautical Hotel - Interior

Once the boat leaves its moorings, the base of operations monitors its course, offers h24 assistance, and helps manage any needs or emergencies. The contract between facility and client is that of a lease, and each boat is offered according to a standard of classification based on the equipment on board, like the stars of a hotel.

Diffused Nautical Hotel – Ecotourism 2.0

The client, who can also be a simple sea enthusiast, can hire a private skipper and sail freely by stopping in the bay or mooring in other ports for the duration of the vacation.

Some obligations are there, such as staying near the base of operations, sailing no more than 3 miles from the coast, and no night sailing. But these limits can be waived by special clauses.

Otherwise all he has to do is enjoy the sea, explore bays and spend unforgettable days. Thanks to the Sardinian law, the Albergo Nautico Diffuso is already operational, although it will become fully operational starting in spring 2023.

Diffused Nautical Hotel – Economic “Flywheel”

In Turkey, Greece and Croatia, the Albergo Nautico Diffuso is already an established reality. Its success is due to a vacation formula that caters to a modern tourist who wants to experience the sea in an active and sustainable way. As well as, of course, increasing the boating industry, combating charter industry abuse and spreading a boating culture.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alessandra Todde is also convinced, saying: “The Albergo Nautico Diffuso makes it possible to expand Sardinia’s tourism offer without cementing the coastline and create a virtuous chain that can enhance the territory and related activities (ports, shipyards). From the customers’ point of view, it offers a new, immersive and environmentally sustainable way of experiencing nature and the sea. That’s why we took care of the standard with the utmost attention.”.

In short, if it is true that the future of the Mediterranean and Italy is connected to the “Blue Economy,” the Albergo Nautico Diffuso can help revitalize our country.

The hope is that other Italian regions will also follow in Sardinia’s wake: in “pole position,” it is rumored, are Veneto and Puglia.

The Albergo Nautico Diffuso in brief

  • When reserving a “room” at the Albergo Nautico Diffuso, a skipperless lease applies. The client can choose to rely on a skipper by dealing directly with him.

  • It can only be carried out by solid and not improvised companies: a minimum of 50 beds (about 8 boats) are required to open the business.
  • The client of the widespread nautical hotel can sail the boat. But only three miles from the coast and not during night hours. Should you need to sail at night, you may request a waiver.
  • The fleet of boats that makes up the Albergo Nautico Diffuso is constantly monitored by an operations center reporting to the operator.
  • The quality rating of the Albergo Nautico Diffuso is not by “stars” but by “sails,” assigned according to hotellerie parameters. One sail = three stars; two sails = four stars; three sails = five stars.
  • The Albergo Nautico Diffuso is already operational, although it will go into full operation starting in spring 2023.



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