New sailboats: 4 semi-custom sport cruisers from 15 to 22 metres

Our permanent boat show is enriched with the latest market news, also available on the Milano Yachting Week website and in our September issue. Specifically, what follows is a special selection of 4 semi-custom cruisers from 15 to 22 metres

What’s new in the sailing market – Mylius 50 (15.60 x 4.80 m).

Mylius 50
Mylius 50

The collaboration between designer Shaun Carkeek and Mylius Yachts goes on and, after the 72, the new Mylius 50 has come. The shipyard was specifically asked to built a boat which was able to offer exciting performance under sail and become a perfect racing machine at the main Mediterranean sailing competitions. Shaun Carkeek’s design is inspired by the lines of the 72-footer.

What’s new in the sailing market – Scuderia 63 (19 x 5.5 m)

Felci 63 Scuderia
Felci 63 Scuderia – the very first rendering

Felci 63 Scuderia is a beautiful blue water cruiser which is expected to hit the water in 2023. Designed as a pure cruiser, the boat boasts an unmistakable performance-oriented style by Felci Design. Construction, on the other hand, is by Adria Sail.

What’s new in the sailing market – ICE 70 RS (21.30x 5.76 m)

Ice 70 RS
Ice 70 RS sailing upwind

Developed by Umberto Felci’s studio, the ICE 70rs is a fast cruiser with incredible space utilisation, beautiful lines and a modern interior design.  It is the natural evolution of the ICE 52. Compared to the classic Ice 70 it has a carbon fibre rudder and a lightened interior.  The water lines and appendages feature a variable draft thanks to the lifting keel. Equipped with Cariboni hydraulics, it has a draft ranging from 2.80 metres to around 4.40 metres and is designed for great performance.

What’s new in the sailing market – GS 72 (22 x 6.20 m)

Grand Soleil 72 LC
Grand Soleil 72 LC

The two new Grand Soleil 72 Performance and LC (Long Cruise) versions, designed by Matteo Polli with structures by Marco Lostuzzi and Project Manager Franco Corazza, are on their way. The same hull is then declined in two versions: One for those who want a truly sporty design (Performance), and the other version for those who love sailing with a Blue Water.

The interiors are made of composite or lightened woods. The result is a sturdy and lightweight boat. The hull will have only one very deep rudder blade, at over 3 metres.



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