The most useful accessories on board when mooring at roadstead


Mooring in roadstead - Sailboat

Anchoring and deciding to spend a few hours in a roadstead, night or day, happens frequently on a boat, especially when you are on vacation and move frequently from one point to another. Mooringin the roadstead, however, assumes that the appropriate tools and accessories for this situation are on board the boat. For example, a tender with which to reach land for any eventuality, or a rope to make mooring from land. We found in Boatique. the accessories you need to have on board to moor in the roadstead, here they are.

The most useful accessories on board when mooring at roadstead:

Accessories in the roadstead: Anchor save hook

Wedge Hook saves again
Hook saves Wedge again

It can happen, especially in summer and in very crowded coves, to cross the chain of one’s anchor with that of another boat. In these cases, a key help in solving the problem is the Anchor Save Hook. Without having to dive in love water and safely you can release the anchor chain in a few moments!

Roadstead Accessories: Tender

Tender Raid ii p200sh Plastimo
Tender Raid II P200SH Plastimo
A tender is indispensable when mooring in a roadstead. You use it to reach land and galley, or go to dinner, or reach a nearby beach. This Plastimo tender has plenty of room and can carry a maximum load of 250 kg. It can be equipped with motors of up to 2.5 kw (3.3 HP) and weighs about 17 kg. Overall dimensions cm.196 x 137 x 46.

Roadstead Accessories: Transparent Tender

Tender transparent 220T VergaPlast
Tender transparent 220T VergaPlast

Who said a tender has to be a small dinghy? Have you ever thought of using a rigid boat, perhaps transparent, as a tender? With VergaPlast’s 220T model you can explore even the seabed under the boat because it is totally transparent! In addition to the supplied oars, then, it can be equipped with an electric motor. Weight: 29 kg, length: 2.20 m, width: 1.20 m.

Roadstead accessories: Space-saving rope

Space-saving roll-up rope
Space-saving roll-up rope

Stowing and keeping a long, strong line ready for use is always useful on a boat, especially when mooring in a roadstead. This one we offer is available in three different lengths: 60 m (roller ø 42 cm) 80 m (roller ø 49 cm) 100 m (roller ø 54 cm). The lines are 35 mm wide and 2.5 mm thick. In addition to being useful for the eventual stern anchor, it can be used in an emergency or as a tow line. But the main use in the roadstead is for mooring lines ashore.

Roadstead Accessories: Stand Up Paddle

Sup Jbayzone Beta B2

The SUP has become such a popular accessory that there are now very few boats that do not still have it on board. In addition to being lightweight and stable, an inflatable SUP allows the whole family to have fun, and can also be used for boat-to-shore travel instead of a tender. This 3.20 m by 81 cm is very solid and fast, perfect for stowing on board with its 12 kg weight.



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