Jeff Bezos’ sailboat, the 10 things you (may) not know

jeff bezos' sailboat
The sailboat of Jeff Bezos, the third richest man in the world (pictured small top right) is 127 meters long. It is inspired by the Black Pearl (photo below left) built by the same shipyard (Oceanco) but “only” 106 m long. Photos by Guy Fleury

It is the boat of the moment that everyone is talking about. And it could not be otherwise since Y721, the technical name behind the superyacht that the Dutch shipyard Oceanco built for “Mr. Amazon” Jeff Bezos is the longest sailing boat in the world. We chose to tell you about Jeff Bezos’ new sailboat (to get it out of the yard and into the sea risked dismantling a historic bridge in Holland) in 10 points.

All the secrets of Jeff Bezos’ sailboat

1. Like a soccer field… + VAT!

With a length of 417 feet (127 meters), Jeff Bezos’ sailboat has no equal. To understand the proportions, it is about 20 percent longer than an 11-a-side soccer field. Or as big as 10 regular buses, if you prefer. It outclasses, by a lot, the Sea Cloud, which at 109.5 meters in length has become the world’s longest ex-sailboat!

2. The record boat

Bezos’s megayacht is also a record for the Dutch company Oceanco, which specializes in building “giants of the sea” (one of the latest being the stunning 106.7-meter-long Black Pearl, from which Y721’s design was inspired): it had never built a boat this large. Which, data in hand, is also the largest pleasure yacht built in the Netherlands.

3. It costs very little (for Bezos).

There is always a lot of secrecy around the cost of these items. According to the most informed rumors Jeff Bezos spent $500,000 (half a billion euros, at current exchange rates). It may sound like a lot, but it is “pittance” for a man who has an estimated wealth of $144 billion and is the third richest person in the world (after Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault)!

4. How much does it cost to maintain it

Given that theY721 will have a crew of 40 and estimated mooring and maintenance costs, the New York Post calculated that Mr. Amazon will have to shell out $25 million a year.

5. Tender of 75 m (with helicopter)

Jeff Bezos Bezos’ sailboat has three decks, including one with a swimming pool. And so far, almost everything normal for a boat of this size. But what is amazing is the tender, or rather, the support boat, built in the Dutch Damen Yachts shipyard: 75 meters long, it is equipped with a helicopter landing pad. Bezos’ fiancée, Lauren Sanchez (who appears to have been a major influence on the tycoon’s choice to get a sailboat), loves to fly.

6. The “copied” interior?

Bezos is said to have been inspired for the interior by those seen on the megayacht Eos by U.S. billionaire (and husband of fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg) Barry Diller: launched in 2006 and built by Lurssen Shipyards, Eos is “only” 93 meters long: with an aluminum hull and superstructure, it has a maximum beam of 13.50 meters, a draft of up to 5.50 meters, and a displacement of 1,500 gross tons.

7. Three masts, zero shrouds

Jeff Bezos’ sailboat has three masts and uses the DynaRig system, invented by Wilhelm Prölss in the 1960s. The DynaRig, works with independent rotating masts with self-supporting sail rigging (no rigging). Each mast supports six flagpoles that, unlike a conventional mast, have a preset curvature of 12 percent. The fifteen square sails are positioned between the spars so that when they are hoisted there are no gaps between masts, so that they act as a single wing.

The sails are furling and are stored in the mast and can be hoisted in six minutes by powerful electric motors. The sails are adjusted by rotating the masts. Because there is no rigging, the masts and spars can be rotated to the point where the boat can sail even close hauled. The first boat to install the Dyna Rig System was in 2006 Maltese Falcon built by the Italian shipyard Perini Navi.

8. Double bow

Of the gleaming black steel and carbon boat, the crazy stern and bow soars and classic lines are striking, at a time when design is moving more and more toward vertical bow and stern straights. Strange solution with a kind of “double bow.”

Mind you, a double bow quite different from what has already been seen on some ships and even on a 12-meter motor boat-the Canelli 39 Revolutio-that is, a double bow staggered and lying on the same axis that allows for reduced friction and resistance to motion when the unit is traveling at low speeds and coming out of the water in a planing attitude. In the case of Bezos’ boat, the choice seems to be dictated by the desire to have a large “dolphin boat” integrated into the hull.

9. It makes 30 knots!

The top speed of Jeff Bezos’ sailboat is over 30 knots under sail and 18 knots under motor. The boat displaces more than 3,000 tons. There are 6 (or 7) cabins with a master suite positioned in the bow, which is equivalent to an apartment of at least 250 square meters. Equally monstrous is the sail area estimated at 3,500 square meters.

10. Ecopropulsion

Jeff Bezos’s sailboat has a state-of-the-art electric motor, and the propellers will function as hydrogenerators to recharge the batteries while the boat sails (as is already the case with OceanVolt’s Servoprop-type systems).



1 thought on “Jeff Bezos’ sailboat, the 10 things you (may) not know”

  1. What a great chance for the IMO and the ICS and the IPCC, to ask Mr. BEZOS about his experiances with the DYNARIG, Mr. Wilhelm Proelss had designed for the maerchant-shipping-world, f.e. Bulkers with 17000 dtw, see this:; it is shown in a Jahrbuch of the Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft (STG)-61. Band 1967; Springerverlag, Berlin/Heidelberg/NewYork.
    This is the third evidence-examble after Maltesee Falcon and Black pearl, that wind-propulsion is possible for “normal ships”.
    Thanks to the VELA-Journal , you want to get the STG-Journal ?? Write for it.

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