The new Swan 88 has arrived at Milan Yachting Week
















“The New Model is an evolution of the previous models, but for this one we did a complete study for balance, performance, equipment position and sail shape,” says Germàn Frers. “According to the results of these studies, we designed the hull.” This is how Germàn Frers describes the new Swan 88, which has also “arrived” at Milan Yachting Week.

A true blue water, the Swan 88 is designed to offer smooth and comfortable sailing even in the most difficult conditions, with an optimized heeling angle of no more than 20 degrees.

The mast position amidships offers a good balance between the bow triangle and the mainsail, with the possibility to split the triangle into four different staysails – gennaker, zero-tail, jib and staysail – thanks to the size of the long J. The staysail can be fitted with a self-centering track, while the mast and boom are built in carbon as standard.

Learn more about the Swan 88 and the Nautor range

Find out details about the Swan 88 and Nautor’s other boats, what they look like, what’s on offer by clicking directly HERE. You will also be able to talk directly with Nautor’s Swan experts via email or a phone number, and perhaps go see it live by booking an appointment.




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