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Alinghi unveils its team: Botin handles the project. Many young Swiss sailors involved

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Alinghi Red Bull Racing TeamThe suspense is over, Alinghi Red Bull Racing has unveiled the crew with which it will take part in the America’s Cup 2024 in Barcelona. Although the precise roles are not yet known, the list of sailors, technicians and designers involved has been unveiled.


Let us start with some specific roles in the design team, namely the Spaniard Marcelono Botin as Principal Designer and the Uruguayan Adolfo Carrau as Design Coordinator. The Frenchman Gautier Sergent, whom we interviewed during the Vendée Globe, will be in charge of sail design.

As for the sailors, 14 of them have been selected, all Swiss, divided between leadership roles and “power groups”; in other words, the grinders. The age figure stands out, the oldest is Yves Detrey who is 43, the youngest is Nicolas Rolaz, 22, who was Optimist World Champion in 2014. The overall average age of the crew is 30 years old, putting them as probably one of the youngest in the next America’s Cup.


This is the complete crew list: Maxime Bachelin (driving), Matias Bühler (driving), Arthur Cevey (power), Nicolas Charbonnier (driving), Lucien Cujean (driving), Barnabé Delarze (power), Yves Detrey (driving), Augustin Maillefer (power), Bryan Mettraux (driving), Arnaud Psarofaghis(driving), Nicolas Rolaz (power), Théry Schir (power), Nils Theuninck (power), Florian Trüb (power). There are no names of sailing super stars, one of the most credible names at the helm could be Arnaud Psarofaghis, a long-time Alinghi man and Moth specialist. The selection of sailors was coordinated by Nils Frei, who led the recruitment together with Pierre-Yves Jorand, co-general manager in charge of sports operations.


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