What does RS mean? Discover it in the new super sporty Ice Yachts


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ice yachts

If you want to see special boats, real sport versions branded with the famous RS, at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show you will find them exclusively.

Ice Yachts presents them in the port of the digital boat show. The Italian shipyard, famous for its boats in the “premium” segment of sailing, is perhaps the only shipyard that offers “RS” versions of its 52 and 60 models.

The acronym RS has been made famous in the automotive field by Audi and Porsche, which distinguish the super-sport versions of their models.

So does Ice with the RS versions of its sailboats. But the great thing about these boats, as happens with cars, is that they have a double soul: the super-sporty one does not exclude the comfort one, which remains the same as the “normal” versions. They simply go faster and offer strong sensations when sailing.

We anticipate how they are made, what details are hidden in these special versions of Ice Yachts, which you can then deepen by visiting them at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show.

Ice 52 RS: a true super sport with a light heart

In order to explain how the RS version of the Ice 52 (15.80 x 4.65 m), which is a truly special boat, was created, let’s first of all talk about its hidden “heart”, its construction. The boat is 15.80 meters long, the shell and the deck are laminated in one step infusion from female mold in full carbon and epoxy resin infusion. The carbon structures are laminated in place also in epoxy resin infusion always joining with hull and deck. In this way the boat is lighter (armed it weighs about 12.6 tons), while remaining solid and able to withstand heavy loads for long navigation.

And to make you understand that the Ice 52 RS remains a very comfortable boat for cruising, we can tell you that this is perceived immediately going down below deck. Lots of volume, an important height even in the aft cabins and bathrooms, and space for storage, combined with a brightness (thanks to the many windows on the deckhouse and on the side) that makes this part of the boat livable and enjoyable.

Discover it now HERE.

Ice 60 RS: when elegance is bad

Bad, but elegant. This is the Ice 60 RS (m. 17,99 x 5,20). Also in this model the secret to make it a really super sporty boat is in the construction.

The shell and the deck are laminated in infusion from a female mould using carbon fibres; the carbon structures are also laminated on site and made in infusion, becoming one with the hull and the deck. The deck, in addition to the classic gluing, benefits from manual clamping developed all over the boat, including the bulkheads.

Ice 60 RS is equipped with a fin made of double Weldox steel with high mechanical characteristics and a lead torpedo milled with numerical control, which offer the advantage of reducing the weight of the ballast and therefore the total displacement of the boat with the same righting moment.

And the interiors? Something special with an attractive design that combines sportiness and comfort, discover them here.

Ice Yachts, a success like RS Audi and Porsche

You will discover, visiting the stand, also the other new models of Ice Yachts and especially the reasons that make it one of the successes of the Italian nautical, immediately recognizable compared to others.

Like the RS range of Porsche or Audi in the automotive field: sporty, captivating but also comfortable, with a look that doesn’t go out of fashion. Like the Ice among sailing boats.

And if you want to deepen with a responsible of the shipyard or book a visit through an email, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click






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