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Portofino Spring Regattas: extraordinary success for Twin Soul B

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24 April 2022
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Twin Soul

Twin Soul

Despite not exactly spring-like weather conditions and a strong wind, the Portofino Spring Regattas, organized by Yacht Club Italiano in collaboration with the International Maxi Association, brought home three spectacular races.

Victory in the overall classification went to Luciano Gandini’s Mylius 80 Twin Soul B, tactician Tommaso Chieffi, who confirmed the growth of recent seasons and won the classification with an extraordinary 1-1-1 scoreline. Twin Soul B also sailed well in real time, always finishing a few minutes behind the Spouthern Wind 100 Morgana, the largest boat in the fleet.


Portofino Spring RegattasBehind Twin Soul is the evergreen Itacentodue, Adriano Calvini’s Felci 61, which on the last day of racing overtook Aldo Parisotto’s Mylius 65 Oscar 3 to round off the podium.

As mentioned above, it was a weather difficult weekend for the Race Committee. On Friday the south wind did not calm down, on Saturday it reached 25 knots, creating a significant wave that did not allow the crews to race on Sunday, also due to the general worsening of the weather conditions. Yesterday, therefore, closing with two tests, under a south-west that has touched even 18 knots.

Luciano Gandini, the experienced owner and helmsman of his Mylius 80, was also very satisfied: “I couldn’t have wished for anything better than this: an exceptional crew and a boat that improves from race to race. In Portofino we got rid of some winter rust and we are now preparing for our next event, the Rolex Giraglia.

“A known race course, but never taken for granted – so at the arrival Tommaso Chieffi – and a beautiful day of sea after these days that have been so affected by bad weather. The waters of Portofino made up for it and allowed us to have two excellent races. We made a few mistakes and found our ideal conditions, with the wind between 12 and 17 knots during the first race – a bit unstable in direction – but then settling during the second race between 15 and 18 knots from 130°. This was the first regatta of the season for us,” concluded Chieffi, “and we go home very satisfied with the double result that allowed us to get on the podium for both the Spring Regattas and the Mylius Cup.


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