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12 foiling boats for sailors of all levels

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13 April 2022
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16 April 2022

Waszp barche foiling

There’s no denying that the phenomenon of the moment, when it comes to having fun, is foiling boats (as Checco Bruni told us himself in this article). In the wake of the latest editions of the America’s Cup, flying boats, especially in the dinghy segment, have become increasingly widespread. On one or two hulls, with one or more foils, more or less easy to fly, single or crewed.

We have selected for you 12 flying boats with which to enter the world of foils or with which to try and perfect your skills. We also tell you how much they cost and the “difficulty of flight” (XXX: difficult; XX: medium; X: easy). The only common denominator is that they are great fun!

12 foiling boats for sailors of all levels

Birdyfish – 4,7 m – For foiling beginners

Flying difficulty:  X

barche foiling Birdyfish

The ideal boat for learning to sail foils, even for beginners. Very few trim adjustments for foils allow you to enjoy all the excitement and joy of flying. The crew will only have to deal with sail trimming. The appendages with a soft-angled L guarantee take-off from 10 knots of wind. The shape of the bow works well even in waves. Price: 16,980 euros.


Flo1 – 4.25 m

Flying difficulty: X

barche foiling Flo1

An interesting single to approach and perfect in the world of small foilers before moving on to more sophisticated craft. Produced by the Dutch company Aeronamics, it has a soft, almost C-shaped foil. There is no adjustment of the rake of the appendages but only its extension in the water, which makes the “trim” of these appendages easy and intuitive after just a few trips. Top speeds are around 20 knots. Price: 15,495 euros.


NACRA F20 – 6,20 m – Like America’s Cup cats

Flying difficulty: XXX

The Nacra yard, which specializes in open catamarans and produces the Nacra 17 Olympic class, has fitted its F 20 model with a “Flight Control System” to make it fly. The Nacra 20 FCS was designed by Pete Melvin and Gino Morelli, the authors of the 2013 America’s Cup rulebook, and its foils are reminiscent of those on the AC72 in San Francisco. A very physical boat and not for everyone. Price: 34,000 euro.


Foiling Dinghy – 3,86 m – Small and versatile

Flying difficulty: X

barche foiling Foiling Dinghy

It weighs 30 kilos and can be foiled as early as seven knots of wind. The Foiling Dinghy is equipped with an inverted T rudder and a pair of curved foils that act as both lifting and straightening foils, with an automatic management system. The foils have a few simple adjustments depending on what you want to achieve (more flying or more straightening). Price: 15,500 euros including taxes.


Moth – 3,35 m – The foiling cult dinghy

Flying difficulty: XXX

barche foiling Moth

The progenitor of the flying dinghies is still one of the most complete single foilers on the market today. Suitable mainly for advanced sailors who already have experience on foils, it has appendages that offer multiple setting options and the possibility of being changed according to wind strength. The international class is one of the most active and always organizes very crowded races. Cult product. Price: from 20,000 euros.


Peacoq 14 – 4.70 m – Like a flying Fireball

Flying difficulty: XX

barche foiling Peacoq14

With a hull that is vaguely reminiscent of the old Fireballs with a “cut” bow, the Peacoq 14, an evolution of the Club version, is a dinghy that can be a compromise for both novice and experienced foil sailors. In fact, the dinghies can be operated in automatic trim, or more experienced sailors can adjust their angle for maximum performance. Price: quote on request.

Persico 69F – 6,9 m – The trendy boat

Flying difficulty: XX

barche foiling Persico 69F

This concept boat is the brainchild of the Italian racing elite (Giorgio Benussi, Dede de Luca, “l’oriundo” Maciel Cicchetti) and was designed by Argentineans Wilson and Marquinez. Flying the 69F is not too difficult, although it does require a good physique and strength in the arms, especially for the mainsail trimmer and the foil adjuster. The racing circuit has now been launched with an attractive programme. Price: rented by the season.


Skeeta – 3,35 m – Easy for anyone

Flying difficulty: X

barche foiling skeeta

Ease first. The idea behind Skeeta is the same as that of many other small foilers: to make this type of wing easy and open to everyone. Skeeta is a single glider that flies on two self-regulating appendages, not particularly technical to fly but still very high performance, with the particular shape of the hull that distinguishes all Quant models. Price: 15,345 euros.


Stunt S9 – 4,16 m – The Italian Foiling cat

Flying difficulty: XX

barche foiling Stunt S9

This is an all-Italian One Design catamaran that can be sailed as a single with just a mainsail or even a jib depending on the weather conditions. Like other catamarans, to improve stability in flight, it moves on four submerged appendages. Physically it requires a certain amount of athleticism, also because there is a trapeze, but with a little training it can be suitable for a wide audience. Price: 16,600 euros.


Ufo – 3,00 m – Flying with two hulls

Flying difficulty: X

barche foiling ufo

This small catamaran is equipped with a sensor that self-adjusts the inclination of the single central foil, coupled to the T of the rudder. It can take off even in light winds thanks to the lightness of its construction. The cat is quite easy to sail, suitable even for sailors who do not have much experience with foils.

The official european dealer for Foiling UFO is Sea-Change. Price: 8.980 euros + VAT

Waszp – 3,35 m – For the whole family

Flying difficulty: XX

Waszp barche foiling

Very similar to the Moth, but with one big difference: the Waszp is a monotype, it is not made of carbon and the appendages being monotyped cannot be changed. For this reason it is less expensive than the Moth, even if it does perform somewhat less well. It is considered by many to be an ideal “family” boat because it is fun for both young and old. The foil adjustment system is managed by a sensor, but it is possible to set the appendages and modify some adjustments. Price: 12,200 euros.


Whisper – 5,40 m – Full performance

Flying difficulty: X

barche foiling whisper

As light as the highest performing Cats, it features a one-piece, non-removable platform that provides great structural rigidity. Equipped with the four classic self-adjusting appendages, it is able to set sail in light breezes with a certain ease. It is a double, with trapeze, mainsail, jib and gennaker, fast even in light winds. Physically demanding. Price: 26,900 euros.




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