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Oji Nautic 01: a little device to eliminate plastic bottles on board!

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Having drinking water on board is essential when boating, whether for a few hours or a few days’ cruise. People often choose to carry a load of plastic water bottles on board, which not only pollute but also add to the weight of the boat. Thanks to this little ‘can’, you don’t have to worry any more: you will always have drinking water on board!


Eliminate plastic water bottles from the boat

More and more people in recent years have eliminated the purchase of plastic bottles from their habits. This is because many alternatives have emerged, such as purifiers, jugs with purifying membranes, active filters, and the habit of using water bottles has become widespread. Reducing the consumption of polluting plastic bottles is often more difficult when boating. This is because installing purification systems on board was until recently only an option for very large boats, so the habit of having lots of bottles has become widespread. In addition to the environmental damage that can be caused by plastic spillage at sea, carrying bottles on board takes up space on the boat and increases its overall weight, with all the disadvantages that entails. With the Oji Nautic 01 purifier these problems are eliminated!

About Oji Nautic 01

Installing Oji Nautic 01 is very easy, easily connect to the pump of the on-board hydraulic system, connect to the on-board power supply and install the remote control button. And that’s it, with less than one kilogram of weight you have drinking water on board! The UVC filtering system acts on the water flow by disinfecting and filtering the water in the boat’s tanks. The radiation eliminates 99.99% of the germs and bacteria that may be present in the water. The Oji Nautic 01 system consumes very little: when in operation it consumes 25 W, while in standby it consumes less than 1 W.
Buy the water purifier on Boatique with a 10% discount

Buy the water purifier on Boatique with a 10% discount

Until the end of the month there is a 10% discount for those who decide to buy the Oji Nautic 01 purifier on Just click here to take advantage of it now!

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