Space-saving accessories. From furling boat hook to universal handle

3 smart and space-saving marine accessories

The following is a selection of three smart and extraordinarily space-saving marine accessories that will certainly improve your life on board.

Three smart accessories for your boat

Revolve – The furling boat hook

The first of these accessories is called Revolve and is the first furling boat hook of the market. When not in use, stows into a space not much bigger than a coffee cup.

Revolve boat hook

The tripod, which extends up to 1.90 m, is made of roll-up composite material (rigid when extended!), with an integrated foam handle and a moulded high-strength plastic hook – which is quickly attached to the rolled-up arm with a ‘pin’. Rolled up, the half sailor measures only 11 x 12 cm and contains the hook in the inner hole. Weight? 450 grams. A real genius, and maintenance-free because the composite does not require it!


Certec Tiny – The inflatable platform for small-sized boats

The second of our accessories is the Certec Tiny platform. It inflates directly on board in no time, with a hand pump included in the transport bag. It measures 180 x 80 centimetres and makes it possible to have a stern platform even on small boats.

Certec Tiny platform

It is perfect for making it easier to get in and out of the tender, for example after a swim. In addition to the non-slip strips on the non-immersed side, there are two floats underneath the platform that ensure its stability even when it is not tied down with ropes. It comes with a practical space-saving bag, hand pump and inflation nozzle.


Deck Mate – Universal compostite handle

We close our review of smart accessories with Deck Mate, designed by Hybrid Composite: the new super-light composite handle to open and close any standard onboard door and lock (like a winch handle). It is ergonomic, light (48 grams!) and compact (12 cm, diameter 2.5 cm) and can be carried in your pocket or on your belt.

Deck Mate

It will not disturb you, as it has no sharp edges. Designed to minimise opening and closing forces, being made of composite material it is not subject to corrosion.



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