Everyone likes the Tre Golfi Sailing Week. Don’t you believe it?

Tre Golfi sailing competition

It may be the fabulous scenery, from Sorrento to the islands in the Gulf of Naples, or the many yacht classes lined up at the start, from Maxi to Orc and vintage yachts. The fact is that Tre Golfi Sailing Week is one of the most popular sailing competitions in Italy.

Races, like any other sporting event, are always more beautiful and exciting when there are so many opponents to beat. That’s why, when you line up at the start surrounded by a large, passionate and fierce fleet of boats, you can be pretty sure that it’s going to be fun. That’s what happens at the Tre Golfi Sailing Week, the historic sailing event that will be staged from May 14th to 21st 2022. In the scenic Mediterranean setting of the Sorrento coast and the Neapolitan islands, Tre Golfi Sailing Week is one of the most popular and crowded events on the Italian racing calendar. A competition that has always attracted the best in international sailing.

To date, 84 crews have registered for this wonderful competition and the start is still more than three months away. And it’s not just the natural setting that the whole world envies: from the picturesque village of Sorrento, to the Santa Lucia harbour in the Gulf of Naples, to the views of Procida, Ventotene and Ponza. The real strength of Tre Golfi Sailing Week is its rich programme, which includes four high-profile events.

tre golfi sailing week

Enchanting settings and fierce duels – that’s the secret

Starting with the historic Tre Golfi race, which turns 67 this year and is also open to vintage yachts and those with two crew members. Then there’s the Maxi European Championship, open to Mini Maxis and larger Maxis, which is a first since the title has never been up for grabs. And finally there is the Mediterranean Orc Championship, a classic of international offshore sailing that returns 16 years after its last edition in 2006. It’s only natural, then, that everyone wants to take part in such a beautiful and important event.

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Many chose to join the event in 2021


Just look at the numbers. In 2021, a difficult year due to the health emergency, Tre Golfi Sailing Week was one of the most popular offshore races, second only to the 151 Miglia. In fact, it surpassed other prestigious competitions such as the Middle Sea Race, the Giraglia and the Palermo-Montecarlo. The presence of the Orc and Maxi classes has also paid off in this respect. Again in 2021, the Tre Golfi was ranked first for ORC inshore races in terms of the number of crews present, second for IMA Maxi Offshore Challenge races and third for Maxi races. It was a great success for the organisers, but above all for those who were on the water juggling tight duels and racing strategies. This year the race will start again and, given the premises, it will be even more fun to be there.

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Tre Golfi Sailing Week: easy registration, races and fabulous scenery

Tre Golfi Sailing Week will be held in Sorrento from 14th to 21st May by Circolo Remo e Vela Italia, in collaboration with Yacht Club Italiano, Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia, IMA, ORC, UVAI, AIVE, and under the aegis of FIV. Tre Golfi Sailing Week comprises four high-profile events: the 67th Tre Golfi race, the first Maxi European Championship, the Mediterranean Orc Championship and the Tyrrhenian National Championship. The Maxi yachts will be hosted at the main pier of the enchanting Marina Piccola in Sorrento, while the ORCs will be at the marina of the picturesque village of Piano di Sorrento: two unforgettable settings also for the social events that will welcome the crews.

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In order to make it easier for participants in the Tre Golfi Sailing Week, entries and documentation can be found exclusively online at www.tregolfisailingweek.com, while the event secretariat is also available to help crews find the best logistical accommodation. Just send an email to info@tregolfisailingweek.com.



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