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With AST the sails maneuver, adjust and hoist by themselves

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21 January 2022
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At Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show... sails adjust themselves. How is this possible? Thanks to AST, an acronym for Assisted Sail Trim, conceived and developed by Harken in collaboration with Jeanneau. We suggest you enter the Harken pavilion now to understand how it works.

AST: after the pilot, also the tailer becomes automatic

It is an aid system for sailing that automatically adjusts the sails according to changes in the direction of the boat or the wind, or in relation to the heeling of the boat. In short, after the pilot, here is also the automatic tailer.

Three modules, zero fatigue

Very easy to use and manage through a convenient control unit on the wheelhouse, it is based on three modules: Auto Tacking, which makes the jib self tacking, Auto Trim, with which the system will take care of the adjustment of the sails, Sail Management, for the hoisting and lowering of sails automatically.

No more fatigue, no more “banging”. When you want to relax and think only about driving your boat, AST is the right solution.

Find out how it works in detail HERE.

Learn more about AST

And to know if it can be installed on your cruising boat, or to get info on costs and specifications, just click on “send an email” or “contact us on whatsapp” to have a direct dialogue with the experts of Harken, who will answer you immediately!



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