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Speed kings battle it out on windsurfing in Namibia. VIDEO

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windsurfing speed challengeWhat happens when some of the best windsurfers in the world gather at one of the best spots in the world to speed along on their boards? It happens that it can rain speed records. This happened in Namibia, specifically in the famous Luderitz resort where the Luderitz Speed Challenge is held every year. The choice of this place is not accidental: in Luderitz there is a beach where the wind blows all year round, even well above 25 knots, always from the shore. This means that there are exceptional conditions for windsurfing: strong wind, always crosswind, sailing parallel to the beach and completely flat water. A windsurfer’s dream. And indeed, there was no shortage of records, as you will see in the two videos below.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck, a Danish windsurfer with Spanish nationality, set the Spanish national record with a speed of 55.98 knots.

The Dutchman Hans Kreisel was no exception, setting another national record with 52.68 knots.


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