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VIDEO The 12-meter DIY boat built in a garden with just $30,000

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DIY boat

A young Russian couple who like to ‘get their hands dirty’. The dream of having a boat. Five years of non-stop work. They are Gena and Vita and the wooden cruising boat they built in their backyard (after designing it) is called Galaxy and is 38 feet long (almost 12 metres).

Video, the 12-meter DIY boat

In a time-lapse video uploaded to Youtube (with immense success) they show the entire creative process of theDIY boat, from the making of frames to sea trials under sail.

Vita writes: “This is the story of the boat we built in our backyard. We built the yacht mainly with my wife, but relatives and friends also helped us in the construction. It took five years and we spent $30,000 on all the materials. We feel as independent as possible if we make the things we dream about ourselves in a creative way”.

Galaxy boat

In 2017 we were forced to sell the DIY boat because we wanted to quickly finish building our house (also built with their own hands, ed), but we are already drawing up a plan to build a new aluminium boat to sail around the world.”

Want to build your own Galaxy?

If you are interested in the design of your own DIY boat, you can download all the CADs for free here

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