They are called Regatta the drinks born for real sailors

regatta drinkThere are many drinks that have made their fortunes telling that sailors sipped them. Rum made its fortune by saying that it was the favorite drink of pirates. Martini cocktails are drunk by those on superyachts, pinacolada is sipped by sailors stationed in the Caribbean. But soft drinks, so far, had never been associated with the sea and sailing.

Regatta, the new canned drinks

A new U.S.-based brand has come up with a solution to fill this gap. The new line of drinks is even called “Regatta” and the subtitle is “Premium Craft mixer.”

regatta drink

Here come the real sailor’s beers and drinks

For those who want to impress friends, whether at home or on a boat, breaking out cans like a real sailor is a must-have treat. As can be the George Clooney’s “Casamigos” Tequila that made him even richer or the Napa Valley California wines of Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola from the “Francis Ford Coppola Winery” brand that allowed him to stop directing films and devote himself to his vineyard.

tequila george clooney

Of course, they are organic products with natural, GMO-free ingredients, using only cane sugar and recyclable materials.

Four drinks from the name Regatta

Here are what drinks “Regatta” offers, which is having great success among U.S. fans and can be purchased online:

Ginger Beer Regatta, a great Caribbean classic born in the Bermuda Islands. It is a ginger beer with natural ingredients, 120 calories per can, no high-fructose corn syrup, sweetened with brown sugar. Perfect as a base for exotic cocktails. You can find it online in cartons of 12/24/48 33 cl cans with prices starting at $14.99.

Ginger Beer Light Regatta is the light version of Ginger Beer Light Regatta, with half the calories (50 calories), sugars and carbohydrates. It uses the agave plant as a sweetener, which rises luxuriantly in the Caribbean…

Dry Citrus Tonic Regatta is a precious tonic water, perfect on its own or as a cocktail base. It contains quinine and citrus that give it a dry but rounded flavor. A 33 cl can has 80 calories. Online in cartons of 12/24/48 33 cl cans with prices starting at $14.99.

Club Soda Pacific Sea salt Regatta is a soda to which sea salt is added to give it a stronger taste. Calorie-free is the basis for all superfrizzling water-based cocktails. Online in cartons of 12/24/48 33 cl cans with prices starting at $14.99.

Where do you find them? Here.


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