Cruising with a 12 meter outboard. Better a rib or a “rigid” hull?

barca open 12 metri

Just an open boat 12 meters to go on a cruise? Maybe a boat born for daily sports outings? Thanks to the evolution of boats, increasingly larger and with spaces once unthinkable, today even a dinghy or an open boat can fulfill the dual function of a boat ideal for swimming and cruising around the Mediterranean, with almost daily stages of sure. But certainly enjoying every moment with a little bit of autonomy.

Cruising with an open 12 meters boat

In addition, the hulls are now more efficient and, combined with more fuel-efficient engines, allow you to navigate long distances without spending a fortune with a good autonomy.

And in cruising today you go there not only with inboard engines, but also with a nice pair of powerful outboard engines. And don’t think that outboards are less safe than inboard. Also for long navigation.

Cruising better with a rib or a “rigid”?

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show you will find two excellent examples of what we are telling you. Let’s talk about the dinghy Sacs Rebel 40 and the open Fjord 38 Xpress.

Two boats of the latest generation of 12 meters that you can find in the motorboat port of the Milano Yachting Week.

Sacs Rebel 40 rib boat: double cabin and two outboard 425 hp

If your preference goes to the dinghy instead of the traditional fiberglass hull the Sacs Rebel 40 is for you.

Thanks to the careful work of designer Christian Grande, this elegant dinghy of 12.32 m x 3.98 wide has an interior worthy of a boat born only for cruises. Four beds that you can see well watching videos, photos and accurate plans here.

Two cabins with double beds, a bathroom with shower, closets are perfect for a cruise, away from the port for even a week.

Sacs Rebel 40

The motorization can be inboard with 2 Volvo D 380 hp diesel or outboard with 2 Yamaha 425 hp. The capacity of the two fuel tanks is 1,100 liters.

To understand why this is a perfect boat for double daily use and cruising get on board the Sacs Rebel 40.

Fjord 38 Xpress: a sumptuous double bed and an open air kitchen

If you want to understand what is the solution, always 12/13 meters, with fiberglass hull, here is the right example that you find in our digital boat show. The Fjord 38 Xpress. It is a walkaround “med boat” of 11.63 m x 3.64 wide with a sumptuous double cabin in the bow and a nice bathroom with shower. The fully equipped galley is located on deck, open air.

All you have to do is get on board here, to understand with photos, videos, data sheet and maps what are the possibilities offered by the Fjord 38 Xpress for a cruise use even a week away from the usual port. As far as the motorization is concerned, the Fjord Xpress 38 has two 350 hp outboards and a fuel tank capacity of 758 liters.

Just one click to get in touch

Get on the boat on these two double-soul boats right away to the digital boat show. And if you would like to know more, there is a Sacs or Fjord manager at your disposal where you can ask questions and insights or book a visit through an email or a whatsapp. In their stands you can find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.



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