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Moorsimply: the all-Italian mooring assistance device

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moorsimply device

Press a button on your smartphone and moor the boat yourself. How is this possible? The Italian start-up MoorSimply has patented an innovative mooring assistance device that you will be able to see for yourself at the Genoa International Boat Show on booth SW14 (Piazzale Marina | Sailing Accessories area).


How does MoorSimply work? It’s very easy. During the unmooring phase, the stern lines and the dead-roping line are attached to the end of a mechanical arm mounted on the quay which, via an app on your mobile phone, is closed towards the dock once you have left the berth.

When you return to the dock, all you need to do is access the App to rotate the mechanical arm, which will bring the end where the lines are choked closer to the boat, allowing for their immediate recovery and safe mooring, without any need for assistance from shore.

moorsimply operationThe device consists of a mechanical arm driven by a low-voltage electric motor and controlled by a smartphone using a special App. At the end of the arm there is a quick-release line choke system that delivers the stern lines to the yachtsman and a third line with a ring, inside which the submerged stern slides to retrieve the dead body mooring line.

mooring deviceMoorSimply is delivered complete and functional, with the plug&play formula. It is available in a basic version and a business version that includes a service column with an integrated LED light apparatus, able to illuminate the water surface in case of night mooring, and an infrared camera to monitor the boat also remotely.

moorsimply deviceMoorSimply stems from the personal need of having to moor at the quay, often without being able to count on help from land – explains MoorSimply CEO Enrico Scozzari – It is a useful system for yachtsmen, but it can also be a valid support for marinas in managing berths, thanks to an app that aims to become a real service portal”.

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