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CANNES YACHTING FESTIVAL: 5 unmissable boats between 11 and 12.5 meters

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solaris 40 Wandering around the docks of the Cannes Yachting Festival, we discovered five interesting boats in the “medium” segment, i.e. between 11 and 12.5 meters.


bavaria c38 cannesBavaria C38 (10.99 x 3.98 m)

The new C38 features a hull with rounded bow, V-hull and maximum beam moved aft. This translates into a more spacious cockpit with truly huge spaces available, uncommon for a boat of this size. The sail plan is developed vertically for better performance at sea. Below deck – dark wood finishes are amazing, but the owner can opt for other colour combinations – the sleeping zone is offered in various comfigurations, with 2 or 3 cabins, one or 2 heads. Price: EUR 128,900, VAT excluded. Further details are available HERE and HERE

Excess 11 Excess 11 (11.33 x 6.59 m)

The choice of an overall length of 11.33 meters is not random. Excess 11, in fact, is intended as a catamaran mainly for owners and it is also in this metric range that potential new owners are approaching the world of catamarans. Stable, easy to manoeuvre and with a good weight/sail area ratio, this 11-metre yacht aims to be an ideal vessel for comfortable cruising. Price: EUR 256,900, VAT excluded. For further details, click HERE.

RM 11.80 Cannes yachting festivalRM 1180 (11.80 x 4.37 m)

The hull is the typical sharp-edged one seen on performance-oriented boats with a strong lift, and from the first tests the RM 1180 has shown a certain ability to plane and surf with ease under gennaker. A complete boat. Price: EUR 219,800 + VAT. Click here and find out more.

Isla 40 cannes yachting festivalIsla 40 (11.93 x 6.33 m)

The successor of the Lucia 40, this new model has the new at the bow, with lighter displacement and better center of gravity. The boat has no flybridge but rig is raised. The boat is offered for sale at EUR 301,734, VAT excluded.

solaris 40 Solaris 40 (12,36 x 4,10 m)

The new Solaris’ entry level features generous volumes at the bow, double rudder for greater comfort and easier handling, and cruiser-inspired interiors. In short, a sporty cruiser. Price: EUR 289,000, VAT excluded.


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