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How much does it really cost to maintain a new or used boat?

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Are you buying a new or used boat or have the idea of buying it? Great, but do you know what it costs you each year to maintain it? We’ll help you work out how much it costs you each year to maintain it. We have taken a 10-metre boat as an example (maximum limit of the type of boat that does not require registration).

As you will see, the cost range changes considerably, especially with regard to port costs, insurance and whether you carry out some work yourself or rely on professionals. Here are the results of our survey.

The time frame in which the cost of maintaining a boat can be calculated is the year, which is not the same as the calendar year, since seasonality influences and punctuates the expenses that the owner has to face. This boat must certainly have a stable mooring at sea and the annual cost varies, for example, depending on the services offered. First of all, it must also have a place where it can be stored each year to carry out routine maintenance.

Let’s say straight away that if you can keep your boat out of the water for a couple of months, you can save it from many disadvantages, including the biggest fear: osmosis. That’s when maintenance work is carried out.


  • Average cost of annual mooring in an equipped port for a 10-metre boat:

from €2,000 to €4,500.

– Average cost for a two-month shore stay:

300 euros (150 euros per month)

Total cost: from 2,300 euro to 4,800 euro


First of all, antifouling once a year: 1,000/1,300 euros is the cost of the service provided by a shipyard and includes sanding, two coats of antifouling and three coats of antifouling. If the owner prefers to do it himself, the cost of the antifouling (about 3 litres for a 10-metre boat with two coats given) is about 300 euros. “In conclusion, you can guess that certain maintenance can be done by yourself or on the cheap. However, it would be a good idea if for ‘major’ work (a total engine overhaul, for example) there was an invoice and a detailed description of the operations carried out and the parts replaced. Often, when selling a used boat, the ‘party’ declaration is not as effective as it should be if you can’t prove ‘when’ and ‘what’ was done.”


– Annual launch:

250/300 euros

horough washing (building site)

100/150 euro

– Complete antifouling job (yard)

1,000/1,300 euros (DIY: 300 euros)

– Engine service (oil/filter/check by technician)

300/400 euros

– Consumables (lines, retouching, grease, cleaning, etc.)

300/400 euros

– Insurance (from compulsory third party liability for a 40hp boat to a full “Body” policy)

50 to 2,500 euros

Total for a 10-metre: from 1,300 to 5,000 euros


4,000 TO 9,800 EUROS

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