Saffier SE 27 – how to forget you have an engine

Saffier SE 27 at sea

At the last Venice Boat Show she was certainly one of the most visited boats. “A lot of people told me she was the most beautiful, so we made a lot of contacts and sold one straight away,” says Enrico Podestà of Settemari Yacht, Saffier’s Italian dealer, talking about the new Saffier Se 27, which raises the bar even higher in terms of easy sailing and the pleasure of sailing.


“All you have to do is climb on board, start the engine (forget the noise, since the Saffier SE 27 is fitted with a Torqeedo electric motor as standard) and cast off. The jib can be unfurled in a few seconds directly from the cockpit, the mainsail is operated by Harken electric winches and you’re ready to sail as soon as you’ve cast off”.

Mr. Podestà summed up the boat’s philosophy: a 8.20 metre boat (7.50 hull length for a maximum beam of 2.60) ready to use, with a large central rudder wheel to make you feel in command of the boat straight away.

And will all rigging at your fingertips, the boat can be easily steered single-handed, with sail trimming facilitated by the electric winches.

Saffier Se 27 interiorPERFORMANCE, RANCE, PRICES

Sailing performance are great, as clearly suggested by the ratio between the sail area (39 square metres with white sails, 66 square metres with gennaker, 51 with Code Zero) and displacement (1.9 tonnes with 900 kilos concentrated in the lead keel on the version with a normal draught – 1.60 m: there is also a version with a reduced draught of 1.15 m).

But performance are good even under power, especially in terms of range: if you’re cruising at five knots, you can go for as long as four to five hours, which is reduced to two and a half to three if you’re pushing up to six knots. The Torqeedo electric motor, a 4.0 kW pod, is powered by a 48V lithium battery.

The boat is built in a vacuum, in iso fibreglass with 15 mm of hard foam core: on deck, the anti-slip structure is laminated into the deck and cockpit floor. The anchor locker is incorporated in the bow, and the deck is equipped with four retractable bollards to prevent injury when sailing. These are just some of the details we liked. The below deck is also interesting. Four beds, with the “double” at bow under which the WC is housed and a capacious fridge under the descent steps: solutions that make us understand how, if you want, with the Saffier Se 27 you can also make cruises (more or less long, maybe in short stages) and outings longer than a day.

How much does this little gem made in Netherlands cost? The basic price, which, we repeat, includes the electric motor, is 77,500 euro VAT excluded. On this kind of boat, it is advisable to fit electric winches, comfortable furling systems, state-of-the-art sails and comfortable, elegant cushions. “If we wanted to give an indicative figure,” says Mr. Podestà, “we’d be looking at 140,000 euro + VAT for a well-equipped boat. But trust me, it’s only by getting on board that you’ll be able to understand this boat. You have to try out the Se 27, you have to realise how simple it is to appreciate it and, consequently, fall in love with it straight away.

SAFFIER SE 27 Technical Specs

LOA 8.20 m
LH  7.50 m
Beam 2.60 m
Displacement 1,900 kg
Ballast 900 kg
Standard Draft 1.60 m
Sail Area 39 m2
Price EUR 77,500.00 +VAT


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