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VIDEO Dufour 32, when innovation is everything

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Dufour 32

This time, Dufour has really put its foot on the innovation accelerator: based on the same platform as the successful 310, the new Dufour 32 (10.80x 3.31 m) will have a tiller rudder, square top mainsail and numerous new features inside and out.


For the first time on a 32-footer, there will be an aft sundeck that will straddle the cockpit table, sheltered if necessary by a fabric curtain that can be adjusted in moments. The stern platform, inflatable and removable, opens up to complete this large convivial space, offering the comfort of a much larger yacht, also exploiting the space left by the tiller once it is folded and at rest. The choice of tiller instead of wheel is crucial, as it saves space.

Dufour 32 sternThe square-top mainsail in the Performance version can be fitted with a sheet that works at the end of the boom and has a fixed point in the cockpit, in the standard version all rigging is returned to the deckhouse.


Inside, where the owner can choose choose from three different types of finish depending on the colour and quality of the wood, the solution of the central table that lowers to the level of the sofa to create a sleeping area stands out. This is in addition to the two cabins and can therefore increase the overnight capacity of the Dufour 32 to 6 people.

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