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With synthetic you forget about maintenance. And it’s as beautiful as teak

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Like having a blanket as beautiful as the teak one, but without maintenance and more environmentally friendly. With Refit Style the problem is solved.

In the stand at Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show of Refit Style you will discover how they have managed to create a product for upholstery of blankets and accessories that is as beautiful to look at and as practical as teak. A synthetic product that is also environmentally friendly.

All this is well explained in the interview with Mirco Gazzato that you can find in the Refit Style stand.

Gazzato explains how, compared to traditional teak, the Refit Style solution offers undoubted advantages. Starting from the fact that today finding high quality teak is very difficult and very expensive as well as being a very ungreen choice.

To continue with the mechanical characteristics of Permateek’s “synthetic teak” that are significantly better.

Not to mention the maintenance which is practically nothing, eliminating not only the time that is lost keeping the teak in good condition, but also the use of highly polluting products that must be used to ensure that it does not become an “ugly wood” on deck.

And then the aesthetics. Just look at the images of the Refit Style synthetic coating in the stand, to realize the beauty of the product, comparable to that of teak. But the advantage is also the choice of endless possibilities of color shades.

Teak vs. synthetic, the 10 advantages

This is how in the stand of Refit Style summarize the advantages of synthetic over traditional teak:

1-Zero maintenance: no special treatment required.

2-Excellent aesthetics, comparable to traditional wood.

3-Wide choice of colors: 15 with 3 different escape colors for each one.

4-Temperature in sun exposure comparable to real wood.

5-Color stable over time: does not change over the years.

6-Excellent non-slip hold and pleasant tactile feeling.

7-Self-extinguishing product and bad heat conductor.

8-Absence of mold and water infiltration.

9-More shock and wear resistance.

10-Assistance and possibility to repair damaged parts.

The personalized services of Refit Style

Refit Style has its strength in services and application methodologies. To learn more click here:

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To find out how Refit Style works and contact directly with an email or whatsapp a manager to learn more go HERE.


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