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PREVIEW Ice 70. See her at the digital boat show

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Would you like to see a preview of one of the most interesting boats being born right now? You can find her exclusively moored at the dock in the marina of Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show: she is one of the most awaited novelties in the premium segment of sailing. No one has ever seen her before, she is about to go on the water and will make people talk about her as one of the most fascinating cruiser/racer of 2021. On paper a perfect boat.

Performance, technology, elegance, comfort

Here she is, called Ice 70, produced by the Italian shipyard Ice Yachts and the latest addition to the most successful range of premium sailing yachts in recent years, produced by Ice Yachts.

A unique chance to see Ice 70 and the shipyard’s new range because they are difficult to see. Ice Yachts does not usually participate in boat shows. Instead you can find it exclusively at Milano Yachting Week.

Here is a preview of some of the unique features of Ice 70, told by its designer Umberto Felci:

Elegance: harmonious lines both internally and externally, blend classic and modern styles. Beautiful inside, beautiful outside.

Technology: the infusion for the realization of composite parts, the extensive use of carbon fiber for hull, deck, structures, ensuring great rigidity and high safety coefficients.

Performance: hull characterized by a reduced wetted surface and at the same time by a high shape stability, thus ensuring fast and comfortable cruising and participation in long distance offshore races.

Interior fittings: opportunity for an optional customization of the interior design. An ad hoc project for shapes, colors and materials can in fact be made so as to make it, like a home, tailored to the tastes of the owner and his lady.

You should visit the boat at our digital boat show to discover all the details of this Ice 70 through videos, images, technical data and complete texts HERE.

Ice Yachts a success like Porsche

By visiting the stand, you will also discover the other new Ice Yachts models and above all the reasons that make it one of the successes of Italian yachting, immediately recognizable compared to others.

Like the Porsche range in the automotive field: sporty, attractive but also comfortable, with a look that does not go out of fashion. As are the Ice among sailing boats.

And if you want to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit through an email, in the booth you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.


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