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Welcome to the largest virtual race in the Mediterranean. Register now (for free)

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TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey

Registrations are open! Welcome to TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey, the largest race in the history of the Mediterranean, starting on May 15th: 4,600 miles on board 100-foot superboats like the high-performance Maxi Comanche, 80,000 competitors from all over the world, including some of the mayor players in Italian and international sailing. Staggering prizes for the first classified, and much more.

All you need is a tablet or a PC or a smartphone. Because the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey is entirely online!

You can join the race from the comfort of your sofa. Everyone can participate because you don’t need to be a long-distance sailor or an experienced boater. On the largest virtual regatta portal Virtual Regatta you can tackle the adventure in an extremely simple and intuitive way.

You can do it either on your PC or on your device, thanks to the Virtual Regatta App which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. You can race in an “all against all” or create your own team to compete against the world’s most acclaimed sailors and win the coveted prizes.



Adventure is the key word in the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey. In fact, you can climb on board an ultra-performing boat (which you couldn’t own in the real world) and embark on a long voyage that you would never face in the real world. But thanks to the virtual experience, it becomes as immersive as the real thing. And everyone can do it, even those who are not experienced sailors.

Vela Cup

The boats used in the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey are ultra-performance 100-foot Maxis (30 metres) such as Comanche, the monohull that holds the 24-hour record (618.01 miles at an average of 25.75 knots).

You’ll be racing in the real wind, setting sails, setting course, following the weather forecast, choosing strategy. When you’re not connected, the autopilot keeps the boat sailing, just like in reality. You won’t have to stay attached to your device for days! You will feel like a little hero, whatever your result.

Moreover, we report on the race in our media and on social media, daily, like the Giro d’Italia or the Tour de France cycling race. Special correspondents are our contributor Luigi Gallerani (who has followed the creation of the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey from day one, and is a big fan of virtual racing) along with our youtuber Fabio Portesan, with interviews with the racers and special guests, day after day.


And now, let’s talk about the route. Departure is from the Ligurian Sea off Genoa, heading south-west, past the French coast, past the Balearic Islands, to pass the beautiful Tarifa before passing the Pillars of Hercules. After passing the Strait of Gibraltar, among the waves of the Atlantic, the goal is to be among the first to round Madeira and past the first buoy, find the right wind to return to the Mediterranean. Then towards Malta to round Crete, the last mandatory buoy. Once past Crete, it will once again be a question of tactics, to find the route with the most favourable winds and be among the first to cross the finish line in Cagliari, Luna Rossa’s base (by the way, Luna Rossa is taking part with its own team, so by signing up you challenge the champions you supported during the America’s Cup!)


At the physical VELA Cups, we usually use the “prizes for almost everyone” formula. Given the expected number of participants in the Med Odyssey, we can’t promise them this time. Anyway, we offer more than 50 prizes: from TAG Heuer Aquaracer chronographs for the winners, to special Garmin prizes (such as Inreach two-way satellites) for the competitors who complete the course by the best route, and many daily prizes provided by us and our partners, including Murphy & Nye.


By filling out the form below, you can enter the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey as a star and win great prizes from our partners.


On 15 May, the great adventure begins: 4,600 miles in the Mediterranean, tens of thousands of subscribers, on fast boats of 100 feet… You log on whenever you want, you steer the boat with your device and when you’re not there it goes by itself. Anyone can participate, for free. Welcome to the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey.

If you register with this form for the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey, in addition to competing for over 50 prizes:

Your name will be published in the July issue of the Giornale della Vela in the big THVC Med Odyssey feature.
you can be selected to participate in live webcasts with our speakers from 15 to 31 May

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Done? Sign up now for the TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey!



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