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Just born but already an object of worship. It’s called Amel 60 and it’s not for everyone.

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At Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show there is a newly launched boat that is destined to become a great classic.

It’s the Amel 60, the new blue water built by one of the cult shipyards that have made the history of yachting. The Amel 60, born a few months ago, has already won important awards. Designed for true connaisseurs, she does not go unnoticed.

You can find this unique sailboat on the dock at Milano Yachting Week: you should visit it right away, if you like “real” boats with long sailing here and live on board as in a villa on the sea.

Who will like the new Amel 60? All those who love sailing but, above all, those looking for a boat built and equipped to sail anywhere, in any weather, with a unique comfort and with above average sailing performance.

Discovering a cult boat

The Amel 60 is different from all the others. And you will discover it by visiting it. At Milano Yachting Week. Would you like some examples of why it is already a cult object? The steering position is completely repaired, electric winches, lithium batteries, retractable propeller are standard equipment. No other shipyard offers them as standard.

Even the mast of the Amel 60 is made of carbon. Why carbon and not cheaper aluminum? Because, as the experts know, thanks to carbon, the mast is much lighter and this means less skidding, better passage on the wave, and faster sail trimming.

As for comfort we are at the level of superyachts in only 60 feet (18 meters). Just look at the photos that illustrate the owner’s cabin of the Amel 60 which is located aft so, cleverly, takes advantage of the full width of the boat. The main cabin is as big as a competitor’s at least ten feet wider.

But if you want to understand all that is unique about the new Amel 60, you just have to visit it at Milano Yachting Week: you will find everything you need to appreciate it: photos, videos, texts, exterior and interior plans, features.


Find out how the Amel yachts are born and book your visit

If you want to understand why Amel is an iconic shipyard and discover the other new models of the group to which it belongs, and above all the reasons that make it one of the most coveted boats, visit the space where all the secrets of Amel are revealed, led by its Italian importer, Sail Away.

You don’t have to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit through an email or a whatsapp, in the stand you will find the buttons to activate the contact with a click.


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