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Ice 54: the Porsche of sailing boats

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ice 54

You will find her exclusively moored at the virtual marina of the Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show: it is one of the most awaited novelties in the premium sailing segment. No one has ever seen her before, she is about to go on the water and will make people talk about her as one of the most fascinating cruiser/racer of 2021.

Her name is Ice 54, built by the Italian shipyard Ice Yachts and is the evolution of one of the most successful boats in the premium sailing yacht segment in recent years, the ICE 52, of which she is the worthy heir.

A unique opportunity to see the Ice 54 and the new range of the site because they are difficult to see. Ice Yachts does not usually participate in boat shows. Instead, you can find her exclusively at Milano Yachting Week.

As Marco Malgara, owner of the shipyard, says in the interview, the new 54 is more even more elegant than the 52, with much more habitability in the aft guest cabins, a greater headroom below deck, better sailing performance, especially upwind.

Ice 54 interiors

Listen to the interview and you will know the technical secrets of this absolute novelty.

The Ice 54 promises to be, thanks to the water lines of the designers of Felci Yachts, not only among the most voluminous boats in its segment, but also one of the fastest. It is an evolution of the hull of the 52 that won races like the Palermo – Montecarlo and the Middle Sea Race! And on board she had air conditioning, electric winches…

Ice Yachts, a success like Porsches

By visiting the booth, you will also discover the other new Ice Yachts models, as well as the reasons behind the success of Italian brand, immediately recognizable compared to others. Like the Porsche range in the automotive field: sporty, attractive but also comfortable, with a look that does not go out of fashion. As are the Ice among sailing boats.

And if you want to go deeper with a shipyard manager or book a visit through an email, you can contact the shipyard easily from the booth.


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