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The ultimate guide to the 32 best boat apps

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Boating is getting increasingly digital and boat apps are consequently becoming essential on board. In the vast sea of App Store and Google Play, here is the ultimate guide. From the one that turns into an AIS sytem to the one that monitors docking (even when sleeping). The following is our selection of the 32 best boat apps of the market.

Boat Apps 2020: the ultimate guide to the best ones


This subscription web-App turns your smartphone into a miniature weather station to consult the best forecasts from around the Mediterranean.


nautical flagsNAUTICAL FLAGS

A free, useful and funny App to study the meaning of nautical flags, known the international nautical code and verify your knowledge level. Available in English on Google Play.


With more than 250,000 users around the world, this application is a TripAdvisor of the sea. Navily helps you find the best anchorages and book a berth in the marinas available on the map. Available for iOS and Android.



This Navionics App (acquired by Garmin) is one of the most used by boaters. It allows to plan and create detailed routes, measure distances, report routes and see details of the coast. There is the free version and the “plus” version by subscription.



Available for free, this App has more than 250,000 km of coastal areas, rivers and lakes. In addition to live routing and tracking, you can also manually plan your trip and monitor consumption on board. Available on Google Play

Nodi 3DNODI 3D

This funny App offers instructions for making 93 nodes presented in an intuitive and detailed way thanks to 3D graphics that allow a 360-degree view and different zoom possibilities.
Available on Google Play for  4,39 euros

Nodi di PescaNODI DI PESCA

This encyclopedic app describes and illustrates all the useful knots for fishing with and without a boat. Also work without a connection.

Available on Google Play.

Primo Soccorso AppPRIMO SOCCORSO

The official First Aid App of the Italian Red Cross gives immediate access to information to manage the most common first aid emergencies. It includes videos, interactive quizzes and step-by-step advice. Available on Google Play.


Sea Conditions is an annual or monthly subscription App that provides Mediterranean weather forecasts. It is based on numerical models coupled with satellite data and on-site measurements.



The App is provided with a bracelet that functions as a Mob alarm if the person wearing it falls overboard. It also communicates the coordinates of the man overboard and the path for recovery. Useful if you are sailing with children.



It identifies all surrounding boats in real time, using a practical virtual radar. It has detailed maps with hundreds of coastal locations.

Available on Google Plat for 3,59 euros.


Skipper boat appSKIPPER

The App keeps track of the route taken with your boat and share navigation data with friends thanks to the integration with Facebook and Twitter.
Available on App Store for 2,79 euros.

Skyview SKY VIEW

Available for free, this App unveils the secrets of stars and planets, by simply pointing our iPhone towards the sky. Available on Google Play.


Developed by Alger, this Italian App is a remote control and remote alarm device specific for boats. Through this App you can connect to the boat on which the device is installed and access all its control, management and monitoring functions. Available on Google Play.

windy boat appWINDFINDER

It offers detailed weather and wind forecasts for over 40,000 locations. It also includes real-time wind measurements. Available in the basic free or Pro version at a cost of 6.99 euros.

windy boat appWINDY

It offers graphic and detailed forecast for any position: temperature, rain, snow, speed, wind gusts and direction. Available on Google Play.


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