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Sailing in the North Pole and looking for a missing airship, they find plastic

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18 February 2021
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There is a beautiful exhibition in Cagliari, in Via S.Salvatore da Horta 2, until November 30th. It called 82 ° 07’Nord- on a sailing boat on the edge of the Pole, looking for airship Italia” and certainly deserves a visit if you are there.

Polarquest exhibitionThe over 30 photos exhibited return the spectacular Polar environment, up to the edge of the ice pack, at the record latitude of 82 ° 07 ‘North, in the Svalbard archipelago, as far as the 18-meter aluminum Nanuq (project by Peter Gallinelli, who was also the skipper), during the scientific expedition Polarquest2018, in search of the airship Italia, the airship that flew over the North Pole in 1928 and then crashed for reasons never fully understood. 

During this expedition, for the first time, polarquest photossampling of microplastics and measurements of the cosmic rays flow were carried out. The expedition confirmed that the presence of plastic debris extends to remote Arctic waters. 


Polarquest was a scientific expedition carried out from July 21st 2018 on board the 18-meter aluminium Nanuq ketch (a zero-emission boat fitted with solar panels, wind stations and hydro-generators) to September 4th after having circumnavigated the Svalbard archipelago to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Umberto Nobile‘s polar enterprise aboard the Italy airship.

Polarquest picturesThe sailboat sailed 3,500 nautical miles, reaching the outer reaches of the polar ice pack at 82 ° 07 ‘north latitude, in navigation conditions favored by the exceptionally hot summer and an ice-free sea.

On August 13th, Nanuq reached the place (81 ° 14’N 25 ° 25’E) where survivors took refuge in the red tent and from which the first SOS was sent by airship Italia’s radio operator. For the first time in 90 years, Polarquest 2018 paid tribute to the missing of the airship, in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

For further details about the exhibition, click here

For further details about PolarQuest, click here




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