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Greta Thunberg becomes a sailor. She will get America by boat

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The world’s most famous 16-year-old girl Greta Thunberg is going to become a sailor. The young Swedish crusader for the planet ecological turning point wants to join the UN Climate Summit in new York on September 23th and take part in COP 25 (United Nations Climate Change)in Chile  from 2 to December 13.


How will Greta reach the new continent from Europe? She does not take planes (polluting bombs) and ships (they are the main causes of ocean pollution). Consequently, the only option possible is a sailboat: “It will be a great challenge for me “said the Swede.” I don’t know exactly how I will do it yet. But I’m sure I’ll succeed even if I’m not a very good sailor ”. After these statements from her,various comments arrived, like the one from Sail to the Cop.


The ecological organization based in Amsterdam will set sail on a schooner by the end of September from Spain to South America, landing in Uruguay and then heading by land (train or bus strictly) to Santiago de Chile where it is held at Cop 25. To carry out this navigation, which will last eight weeks, those of Sail to the Cop have activated a crowdfunding with the aim of reaching 30,000 euros (for now they have collected about 12,000)


The Swedish girl is even thinking of recovering a 20-meter sailboat, offered by a fan, and crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a group of young people from the movement she promotes. One thing is certain, Greta is entering the sailing population, ecologists by definition. She will discover the most environmentally friendly means of transport in the world: sailing. Pushed only by the wind. 

(picture source: Anders Hellberg,


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