Catamarans: in balance between comfort and pursuit of performance


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HH Catamarans














Increasingly popular and appreciated, catamarans are built by a large number of shipyards and manufacturers. The following is a selection of the most interesting models currently available on the market.



HH catamarans are built in a cutting-edge production plant in Xiamen, China. The parent company HH Catamarans, owned by Hudson Yacht Group, is dedicated to high-quality and technologically advanced luxury cruising catamarans. On HH catamarans, carbon reigns supreme: hull, deck and structures are all made of carbon fiber composite sandwich with post-cured epoxy infused resin. Designed by the American studio Morelli&Melvin, the HH range has its main innovation in the Ocean collection, developed from the waterlines of its sports predecessors and designed for offshore navigation. The first model of the series, the OC50, is designed for two-people cruising, based on a safe and stable platform with easy sail trimming. The mobile appendages of the HH50 has been replaced by two fixed ones and the mast is in aluminium. The cabin is higher. Interiors focus on weight reduction, comfort and high-level finishes.

The range

HH 50 (Length 15.19 m; width 7.44 m). HH 55 (Length 16.74 m; width 8.10 m). HH 66 (Length 20.10 m; width 8.70 m). HH 77 (Length 24.5 m; width 11.7 m).


Ice Yachts has alwasy had a specific target for its boats: models with a large amount of custom solutions, high-technology carbon construction, sports philosophy, cruising comfort, sophisticated design and high-level performance.


Ice Yachts fin dalle sue origini ha scelto un preciso target per le sue barche: modelli con una buona percentuale di soluzioni custom personalizzabili sull’armatore, costruzione ad alta tecnologia con il carbonio a farla da padrone, filosofia da sportive e non solo da crociera, design ricercato e performance di alto livello. If this is true for monohulls, the concept is completely transferable to the two-hull production, which arrived later. The management of Ice Yachts had in mind to occupy a market segment that in fact did not exist in Italy and was the exclusive prerogative of French shipyards, namely that of large performing sailing catamarans. Hence the Ice Cat 61, a project signed by engineer Enrico Contreas, father of the legendary Mattia, in collaboration with designer Luigi Cirillo and the shipyard’s technical office. The carbon is infused with the best quality epoxy resin with the vacuum system for the hull, deck and bulkheads, thus ensuring extreme structural sturdiness and strength with minimum weight. In addition to the 61, the range also includes the 67 ‘just launched with aesthetic and technical features similar to the younger sister.

La gamma

Ice Cat 61 (Length 18.60 m; width 8.20 m). Ice Cat 67 (Length 20.45 m; 9.80 m).


iTA cAT 14.99
iTA cAT 14.99

The first model of the Italian shipyard, the 14.99, is an ambitious boat which wants to enter a high-end market segment, the same traditionally dominated by French and international brands. The look is sporty, with reverse bows and sleek volumes. The ambition is to build an eco-friendly boat, in collaboration with OCEANVOLT, the Finnish company world leader in electric propulsion for pleasure boats. The lithium batteries are recharged during sailing by the propellers themselves and a system of solar panels. Furthermore, on the ITA 14.99 catamaran there is a Schenker watermaker with the “Energy Recovery System” which amplifies the pressure of normal low pressure pumps and recovers all the hydraulic energy returning from the membranes, allowing a reduction in electricity consumption up to 80%. Added to this is a light construction coupled with a powerful sail plan but which at the bow sees a self-tacking jib and a Code 0 to sail fast in light wind.

The range

Ita 14.99 (Length 14,99 m; width 7,80 m)


Performing, seaworthy, safe, very high on the water (130 cm). These are the main UNLIMITED C53features of this amazing cat designed by Vittorio Malingru in co-operation with Marco Veglia and Adria Sail. Designed for long-range fast cruising, the C53′ has asymmetrical curved foils in place of the fins. The goal is to provide much more anti-slip lift, a concern of catamarans, and at the same time release much of the pressure from the leeward hull, to make it float much less submerged, reducing the wet surface and with the bow more unloaded. Another advantage of the foils while cruising is the enormous pitch damping, which translates into greater comfort in navigation. The T rudders, on the other hand, gradually raise the bows as speed increases. Foils and rudders can also be customized. Unlimited C53 ′ combines stylish and exclusive interiors, a minimal exterior design but with a lot of character and extremely sober for its category, with all the advantages of a professional boat. It was conceived, designed and built with the same energy used in the design of the large off-road sea vehicles, with two or three hulls, which you see engaged in records around the world or in ocean racing.


Lagoon 46
Lagoon 46

When thinking about the concept of a cruising catamaran it is impossible not to refer to Lagoon. Lagoon has a very strong and well-established production experience, also derived from the giant Beneteau, of which Lagoon group is part. In La Rochelle, however, Beneteau has separated the various productions, arranging that of the catamarans in specific sites. A single production line for all 14 models, with workers divided into micro teams. Once the Lagoons were mainly charter catamarans, each, even with the release of the flagship Seventy 7, are high-end cruising boats equipped with luxury and every comfort. The 2019 novelty is the new Lagoon 46. The attention to detail, the cockpit moved to the center of the boat and the truly generous interior spaces make it a truly innovative catamaran.


The range

Lagoon 380 (Length 11.55m; width 6,53 m). Lagoon 40 (Length 11.74 m; width 6.76 m). Lagoon 42 (Length 12.80 m; width 7.70 m). Lagoon 45 F/S (Length 13.96 m; width 7.87 m). Lagoon 46 (Length 13.99 m; width 7.96 m), Lagoon 50 (Length 14.75 m; width 8.10 m). Lagoon 52 (Length 15.85 m; width 8.60 m). Lagoon 560 (Length 17.07 m; width 9.44 m). Lagoon 620 (Length 18.90 m; width 10.00 m). Lacoon Seventy7 (Length 23.28 m; width 11 m).


McConaghy 60
McConaghy 60

Thje Australian shipyard McConaghy has a long experience in the production of high-technology carbon sailboats. Custom boats and extreme racers were the initial focus of the shipyard, which in recent years has also decided to develop a series dedicated to cruising catamarans that, however, bring with them the identity of the shipyard made of high performance and cutting-edge construction. The latest addition is the McComaghy 60, based on the same lines than the 50: it is the second two-hull unit, always designed by Jason Ker, already designer of numerous models of sport monohulls with the well-known “Ker” series as well as active in the America’s Cup (among others he designed the South African ACC Shosholoza for the 2007 edition). Thanks to the windows and the conception of the spaces on the 60 ‘there is a clear contiguity between inside and outside, the connectivity of the spaces is very important on this boat.

The range

MC50 (Length 15.30 m; width 8 m). MC55 (Length 16.70 m; width 8 m). MC60 (Length 18.30 m; width 8.8 m). MC68 (Length 20 m; width 8.8 m).MC77 (Length 24 m; width 10.5 m). MC82 (Length 25 m; width n.d.). MC90 (Length 27.4 m; width 12,3 m).


Neel 65

Neel Project Manager is Eric Bruneel, well-known in the offshore sailing world for having participated ins some prestigious international races, with the victory of the Ostar competition in 2004. Bruneel’s idea was to apply his technical sailing skills on cruising trimarans to raise their average quality standards, as well as the rigging solutions and the building level. The result were the Neel, fully-fledged cruising multihulls with something of ocean racers in their DNA. Not surprisingly, these boats are extraordinarily performing, technologically advanced, comfortable and capable of stunning performance in light wind. The latest addition to the range is the Neel 47, a boat with generous interior volumes, easy handling and a 360-degree panoramic window in the cabin.

The range

Neel 45 (Length 13.50 m; width 8.50 m). Neel 47 (Length 14,20 m; width 8.30 m). Neel 51 (Length 15.54 m; width 8.90 m). Neel 65 (Length 19.81 m; width 12.30 m).



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