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Escaped from the poverty of Niger, he has found happiness in sailing

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yahia sailing

Today, we’ll tell you about a beautiful story of sailing and redemption. The protagonists are two: Yahia, a boy born in the very poor Niger who seemed to have no future. And the New Sardiniasail association founded by Simone Camba.

yahia storyYAHIA’S STORY

Yahia was born in Niger, a landlocked desert country among the poorest nations in the world, where he lost all his family and from which he escaped by embarking on a makeshift vehicle in Libya. A risky adventure because the young man cannot swim. He landed in Sardinia where he is hosted in a center for migrants in Villacidro (a town about 50 kilometers from Cagliari).

There, he stood out as a hard worker. TheYahia turning point arrived at the immigration office of the Cagliari Police where he met Simone Camba for the renewal of the residence permit. The president of New Sardiniasail, the association that deals with social inclusion through the practice of sailing. Yahia gets on board a boat again, this time in safety, and shows great willpower, determination and passion for the sea. A skipper, a sailor. 

Yahia skipperYahia’s story was summarized by Simone Camba, the policeman who deals with immigration and sailing with the project “the Route of Legality” dedicated to Sardinian minors with criminal problems entrusted to the agent from the Cagliari Justice Center.

Then, thanks to the support of private individuals, there is the story of the boy from Niger and another foreigner who participate in the sailing activities of the association. In July 2020, the boy approached my office to renew his residence permit. I have always been sensitive to stories of poverty and degradation but Yahia’s one struck me more than the others. He could not swim and he didn’t have the slightest idea of how a sailboat was made…”

Yahia New SardiniansailA TIRELESS SKIPPER

Today, Yahia is one of the most active members of our team, he travels every day from Villacidro to our office in the port of Cagliari by bus. Seeing him grow and improve day after day repays me for every sacrifice – explains Simone  -This is the only thing I earn with New Sardiniasail and I will never stop getting rich ”. 

Itìs a history of social and cultural redemption. ” People known very little about Niger, the landlocked country of north-central Africa where over two-thirds of the territory is desert, only a few areas offer decent living conditions. There are few resources, if not uranium, and too many armed conflicts. Yahia escaped from this very serious crisis. He escaped from the village where he was born 01.01.1992, which is the standard date for those who do not know the exact day of birth ”. 

In Sardinia, Yahia found welcome and the opportunity to build his future in the boating world: ” Some young people in the past found work in the nautical world. I hope so for Yahia too, but not immediately since he shows great skills at sea, all to be used in the races that await us shortly. A unique experience possible thanks to all the partners and sponsors who support us “. 



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