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“Mussel farms destroy our sea”

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Mussel farms pollution

Guglielmo van Holtzen comments on the Facebook Medplastic Team group: “ A huge amount of these pieces of net are dispersed by mussel farms. Their origin is well-known and evident but nothing is being done to prevent this daily source of dispersion from continuing its devastating work. The silence of local administrators and port authorities inevitably leads us to consider at least two things: either these farmers inspire a sort of “respect”, or the business is so important that interest prevails over the damage caused”.

Guglielmo van Holtzen

Guglielmo van Holtzen

Meantime, although the Medplastic by Navico “No Plastic” 2020 contest came to an end last October, plastic hunters continue their work in the Mediterranean: like the indefatigable Timothy Lucie-Smith, winner of the 2019 Medplastic Contest, who wrote us: “We’re in Ponza. The weather is fine and the water is still hot. Unfortunately, however, there is always plastic floating”.



Navico brandsOUR PARTNER

The No Plastic 2020 Contest was organized in collaboration with Navico, a brand that brings together the electronics brands for boats a B&GLowranceSimrad and C-Map. 2021 winners will receive special prize vouchers to be spent on the entire product range.

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