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What will happen to Perini Navi and who could be the new owner

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We have already talked about how Perini Navi has gone bankrput: now, it’s time to understand who could be the new owner of the iconic Italian brand, symbol of Made in Italy and easy-to-handle sailing ships. For now, the Tribunal has declared Perini Navi to be bankrupt and appointed Franco Della Santa to be Official Receiver for the company.

Then, on June 22nd, the state of the company’s liabilities will be checked in court and it we will be able to better understand the destiny of the plants in Viareggio, Spezia and Yldiz (Turkey). For now, three important megayacht manufacturers- Ferretti Group, Sanlorenzo and The Italian Sea Group – , have declared their interest in the acquiring Perini Navi’s assets. Who will come out?

Massimo Perotti


Let’s analyze the situation of Sanlorenzo, the only company to be listed on the stock exchange, with a turnover of 455.9 million euros (2019): the group led by CEO Massimo Perotti, specialized in the construction of superyachts from 27 to 70 meters, could be interested not only to the brand but also to the assets of Perini Navi, since two of its three factories are based in Spezia (the former Beconcini shipyard, for the refit & repair of megayachts) and in Viareggio (the main office) just like those of Sanlorenzo (which has a third plant in Massa).

The listing on the stock exchange certainly provides great credibility to the brand, which should therefore act with the utmost transparency with a solid and far-sighted industrial plan. An excellent opportunity for Sanlorenzo to enter the sailing superyacht market: a market that is certainly a niche compared to the motoryachts’one, but easily penetrable with an internationally recognized brand like Perini.

Alberto Galassi


The Ferretti Group, with a Chinese majority (86.8% belongs to the Shandong Heavy Industry Group-Weichai of President Tan Xuguang, with 13.2 in the hands of Piero Ferrari, son of Enzo), is another important player: 649 million in turnover in 2019, eight brands (Ferretti, Riva, Pershing, Itama, Mochi Craft, CRN, Custom Line, Wally Yachts), one foot in the world of sailing after the acquisition of Wally. Also in this case, interest in Perini’s assets would be great, considering that, Wally does not have a real production site. CEO Alberto Galassi has never hidden his interest in the Perini brand.

Giovanni Costantino


The last contender is The Italian Sea Group (TISG) of President and founder Giovanni Costantino. Based in Marina di Carrara, the company has considerably grown over the last years, thanks to its three brands: Tecnomar, Admiral, NCA Refit (plus the recent acquisition of Celi, a historic company specialized in luxury wooden interiors). The Italian group registered a turnover of 97 million euros. Furthermore, it is no stranger to the world of sailing superyachts: the refitting of the legendary Mirabella V, the largest slooper ever built (77 meters in length with a 90-meter mast!) took place at NCA Refit, which proved to have appropriate spaces and skills available.

We reiterate the question: who will win? There are many hypotheses but only few certainties. We do not know what will happen (tthe 100 employees of the shipyard will presumably be absorbed by the new owners, but nothing is certain about the Turkish site), but one thing is certain: the brand founded by Fabio Perini in 1983, well-known for its easy-to-handle sailing vessels, will not disappear.



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