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VIDEO The 30 boats that have made sailing history

oceanis 40.1
The 12-meter that challenges the 14-meter. Find out why the Oceanis 40.1 is so big.
8 February 2021
Luna Rossa
Luna Rossa in the final of Prada Cup, swept away American Magic
8 February 2021

There are some boats that, more than others, make us dream. Joshua evokes the exploits of Moitessier as Calypso reminds us all of the documentaries of Commander Cousteau. But why does a boat make us fall in love? It’s not the lines or the design of the deckhouse, it’s not the victories or its speed, it’s all a matter of the heart.

Once landed, 99% of sailors love to go around the harbor to see which boats will keep their beauty company for at least one night. It’s a question of enthusiasm; like a child who is ecstatic in front of the toy he has always wanted, we sailors are often satisfied with just a photo from the dock with the boat whose history and exploits you know by heart.

In this video we have chosen 30 ageless boats that fascinate and unite hundreds of thousands of sailors around the world. Here are the 30 legendary boats, in order of size. Let us know if there is also your favorite and which “excluded”, in your opinion, deserved to be on this list. Happy viewing!


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