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Sailing from Rimini to Venice on a recycled plastic catamaran

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Stefano Rossini (journalist), Matteo and Pietro Munaretto (radio and TV technician and municipal police officer respectively) are not happy that our sea is full of plastic. So, as passionate sailors that they are, they decided to turn it… into a sailboat.

“We are carrying out a non-profit project”, they told us, “to raise awareness of the problem of disposable plastic and its dispersion in the sea called ‘Plastic Sickness’. We thought to treat this very important issue with a lot of irony and a crazy business.”

What does it consist? “Building a catamaran of about six meters by three entirely with recycled material, mainly plastic bottles collected by the pupils of some elementary schools in the Rimini area, which will receive in return an aluminum water bottle.” The intention is to sail aboard the catamaran from Rimini to Venice this summer, over a 95-mile route.

“The boat will be propelled by a sail, an electric motor and a pedal system. All video footage of the construction, the trip and the events will be collected to make a documentary. All navigation will take place close to the coast to be more visible and to allow anyone to join us by swimming, boat or pedal boat to become a kind of caravan of the sea sensitive to the issue at hand. The journey will last about four and will not include stops.


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