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Luna Rossa in the final of Prada Cup, swept away American Magic

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8 February 2021
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8 February 2021

No concession to the adversary, no hesitation. Luna Rossa had to be cynical, ruthless, and it was. American Magic prepares to check out of the hotel, packs up the boat, packs her bags and goes home. The America’s Cup is a cruel game, and this semifinal was the ultimate demonstration of that. On the one hand there was Luna Rossa, a crew in continuous growth, both in terms of speed and confidence with the boat and understanding on board. On the other hand, a crew that seemed to be in a downward spiral, almost overwhelmed by the boat, in the end the team in better shape and probably the fastest boat won.

For Luna Rossa now the road opens towards the final against Ineos Team UK, a total challenge in the best of 13 races against Ben Ainslie’s men. It starts on February 13th and closes on the 22nd, with two races a day.


Dean Barker tries to be more aggressive than yesterday and tries to take the downwind from Luna Rossa. James Spithill and Checco Bruni seem to opt for the right side of the course, in fact Luna Rossa remains quite high and hemmed in in a defensive position, with the lateral distance that has been created American Magic is unable to stop the Italians from downwind and Luna Rossa starts at speed and upwind, with the advantage of starboard tack at the first crossing. At the first tack near the edge of the course, Luna Rossa gybes at the same time as American Magic, and immediately closes the lateral distance forcing the Americans to tack. From here on, darkness falls for the Americans and Luna Rossa repeats yesterday’s performance, always on the rise, despite the Americans remaining in the race until the last beat. Bruni and Spithill go to the finish line with a 35 second lead.

Spithill and Bruni come back very aggressive in the water and want to close the issue getting the fourth point of the series. Once again they block the opponent from downwind and start in total control. American Magic however “falls”, at each tack the foils movement is not fluid, the boat has obvious technical problems, and Dean Barker ends up several times out of bounds taking penalties. The race ends here, the following is a slow dragging of American Magic in the undoubtedly most dramatic day of its campaign. The final gap of 3 minutes 51 is far too severe for Therry Hutchinson and his team, who return home with a crushing defeat at the end of a campaign that proved to be a failure.

Mauro Giuffrè

If you want to watch the regatta again with Il Giornale della Coppa’s commentary, here is the video with our live night coverage, in which you will also find some simple instructions (from minute 33) on how to coordinate our commentary with the official images of the America’s Cup channel on Youtube. Il Giornale della Coppa looks forward to seeing you at the Prada Cup Final, keep an eye on our social media in the coming days to find out about our programming.

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