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Luna Rossa dominate American Magic, 2-0 in the semifinals

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9/01/21 – Auckland (NZL) 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada PRADA Cup 2021 – Semi Final – Day 1 Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team, New York Yacht Club American Magic

Such a start to the Prada Cup semifinals was in everyone’s hopes but hardly anyone dared to say it. Instead, Luna Rossa chased fears away and, despite a strong wind theoretically more favorable to American Magic, she wins the first two races. The result is therefore 2-0, with a theoretical match point that could already arrive tomorrow evening, on the second day. But it will be gained meter by meter, tack by tack. The Italian boat proved to be extraordinarily fast and very competitive even in the 18/20-knot wind of this debut day. But it wasn’t just a matter of speed. Checco Bruni appeared dominant, very present on the tactical readings, and the communication aboard Luna Rossa seemed to take decisive steps forward. At the bottom of the article, you will find instructions on how to review the regattas with our comment.


Checco Bruni and James Spithill are not in mood to give gifts, they smell the “scent of blood” of a wounded American Magic and immediately try to bite at the start. Luna Rossa takes the leeward and blocks Dean Barker and his companions who can only tag along and start already under the control of the Italian boat. The first feeling is that Luna Rossa has slightly lower speed peaks but manages to keep excellent angles in the wind. The advantage is constantly growing, buoy after buoy, also because the Americans are not flawless, and they seem to have problems in the movement of the foil arm which causes them several dives in the water, one of which disastrous with consequent exit from race course boundaries and penalties. On the finish line, Luna Rossa imposes herself with 2 minutes and 43 seconds.


In many respects, the second race of the day is similar to the first. Luna Rossa takes the leeward again and dominates the start, starting once again on the bow of Patriot. The Americans keep only for the first leg of the wind, then the gap increases inexorably. Luna Rossa seems faster even than the Americans both downwind and upwind. To further hearten is a newfound communication between the men on board, between James Spithill and Checco Bruni in particular, compared to the last race against the Brits. Bruni is also very active in reading the wind and in strategic calls. The feeling is that the tactical reading of the regatta is more entrusted to him and Pietro Sibello (seen again at the stern of the mainsail to scan the field) rather than to Spithill. A new dive into the water by American Magic paves the way for a comfortable victory for Luna Rossa, which even imposes itself with 3 minutes and 7 seconds of margin.

Mauro Giuffrè

If you want to watch the regatta on a deferred basis with the commentary of Il Giornale della Coppa, here is the video with our night live show, in which you will also find some simple indications (from minute 33) on how to coordinate our commentary with the official images of the America’s Cup Youtube channel. Il Giornale della Coppa will meet you tomorrow night, again at 2.30 am, with Mino Taveri, Gabriele Bruni, Giulio Desiderato, Andrea Falcon and Margherita Porro for another great night of the America’s Cup. All our live shows at night will remain on our Facebook and Youtube channels available to all followers who want to follow the regattas on a deferred basis with our comment.


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